The Samsung NX1 has been on the market now for a short time, and already, it seems Samsung is looking to possibly bring a special edition of the powerful mirrorless camera to market.


According to a report over on Mirrorless Rumors, Samsung is toying with the idea of a camera they call the NX1-LX. The camera would essentially be a lower megapixel version of the current NX-1, but with a few notable features of its own:

  • 10% lighter body compared to NX1, slightly different grip
  • 60fps at 4k, full sensor readout
  • Swivel display
  • 1.5 stop better DR and high ISO compared to NX1
  • A Samsung-led video lamp is also in development to bundle with NX1-LX

Currently, Samsung is testing the camera and is in the process of trying to decide if it is worth bringing such a camera to market. So, while this rumor may be correct, they may just decide it’s not worth it and scrap it.

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In my opinion, I like the sound of the camera, but Samsung needs to develop their lens line first. They have a good start, their 16-50mm and 50-150mm are stellar lenses, but we need some good fast primes and longer telephoto/ultra-wide lenses before anyone can completely switch to the Samsung system.

They are facing the same issues that Sony is facing with the FE mount, only Sony has a bit of a head start in the lens department. So, while I think the Samsung camera above sounds good, their energies would be better spent on developing a ton of new lenses, because without more attractive (and easily affordable) lenses, there is no market for more cameras.

[via Mirrorless Rumors]