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Samsung to Take Page Out Of Fuji’s Book, Massive NX1 Firmware Update Coming

By Anthony Thurston on January 8th 2015

In case you were looking for proof that Samsung was serious about their NX1, proof is on the way. Over the last few months since the camera was released, Samsung has heard a lot of feedback from early adopters, much of it regarding features they wanted added or tweaked. Samsung has taken a page out of Fuji‘s book, and actually listened…


[REWIND: First Impressions Of The Samsung NX1]

According to a report over on Imaging Resource, they claim to already have an advanced copy of the firmware update while they are doing their review. This is not your average Canon/Nikon bug fix firmware update either. No, this is your full on adding new features – complete camera overhaul ‘Fuji-esqe’ firmware update.

Samsung NX1 Firmware Update Feature Listing

The following list is courtesy of Mirrorless Rumors, which parsed the Imaging Resource article and compiled this list for easy consumption. 

Movie Mode
•Users can now adjust audio levels while recording video.
•Users can now control ISO while recording video.
•23.98 and 24 frame per second rates now available for UHD & FHD.
•Pro Quality mode added to Full HD. Previously only HQ and Normal were provided for FHD.
•​Display marker enhancements: •​Gridlines and center marker overlays in movie mode are now visible.
•Added 4:3 and 2.35:1 aspect ratio markers.
•Added Action-safe area marker option.
•​The Samsung NX1 now supports Time Code through HDMI for use when using an external recorder such as the ATOMOS Shogun.
•​‘Free Run’ time code supported.
•Time Code not supported for internal recording.
•Two Gamma modes now provided for more control of aesthetic look of footage. Both gamma modes are designed for a more cinematic look. •​C Gamma mode is a preset logarithmic color setting designed to deliver higher overall contrast.
•D Gamma is a preset logarithmic color setting designed to capture a wider tonal range for increased dynamic range.
•Master Black Level Control: •​Users can now control dark level gamma.
•31 levels: -15 ― +15.
•Three luminance level options are now provided: •[0-255], [16-235], [16-255].
•AF speed control implemented for more cinematic autofocus control: •User can now select one of three AF speeds.
•Added AF responsiveness control: •This is a new AF feature for controlling continuous AF behavior when tracking focus on a moving subject.
•User can select from five different speeds to control how quick the camera will refocus and begin tracking a new subject if something comes in-between the camera and the original subject being tracked.
•Added control for seeking specific frame to grab from video. •Users can select by individual frame in the forward direction.
•If seeking in the backward direction frames within a half-second are selectable.Samsung NX1

Physical User Interface
•Added Autofocus Lock (AFL) to movie mode. Users can now set the AEL button to lock focus in Movie mode.
•​Auto Focus/ Manual Focus Toggling to movie mode. ​Users can now set the AF ON button to toggle between auto focus and manual focus during recording.
•​Customizable physical user interface refinements: •​Reverse the functions of the Mobile Button and the Record button.
•Reverse the functions of the AF On button and the AEL button.
•Reverse the direction of the Command dials based on preference.
•Additional customization options to the functions of the command dials when in P/A/S/M.
•Customize the Optical Preview and Delete buttons with a different function.

•Bluetooth Remote – Can now use Bluetooth as simple remote trigger. Speeds up and simplifies using a smart device as remote control.
•​The Samsung Camera Manager App now provides the ability to trigger the shutter release / video start/stop from a smart device using Bluetooth as opposed to Wi-Fi
•User can choose ‘Quick transfer’ which will send a QVGA still to the smartphone after it’s taken
•​The Samsung NX1 can now store multiple paired Smart devices. If a user has multiple smart devices, they only need to register them with the camera once to store them. For example, users do not have to re-register devices when shifting from a phone to a tablet.
•​Added wireless firmware updating: •​When connected to a Wi-Fi network, the camera will notify users if a new firmware version is available, and will allow them to download and install the update wirelessly.

•“Trap Shot” feature added to Samsung Auto Shot mode. Allows users to adjust the guide line so that when a moving object hits it, the camera will automatically take a picture.
•​PC tethering implemented: •​Using Samsung Remote Studio software, the Samsung NX1 now supports tethered shooting via USB Windows PC only.
•Samsung Remote Studio Software will be available via Samsung iLauncher.
•​Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows PC: •​Samsung will provide an SDK for Windows allowing developers to make remote access and control software for the Samsung NX1.


As you can see, this is an absolutely massive firmware update, and one that should go a long way towards improving the usability of the Samsung NX1. According to the report, the firmware should be available to the public within the next couple of weeks, so if you have an NX1 – or are planning on purchasing one – be on the lookout.

I actually just packed up my review unit of the NX1 and shipped it back, so unfortunately, my final review will not include the updated firmware. That said, it should be done here within the next week, so stay tuned.

What are your thoughts on this massive firmware update coming from Samsung for the NX1? Do you think it addresses enough of the NX1‘s “issues” to give it a more mass appeal? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

[via Imaging Resource]

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Anthony Thurston is a photographer based in the Salem, Oregon area specializing in Boudoir. He recently started a new project, Fiercely Boudoir to help support the growing boudoir community. Find him over on Instagram. You may also connect with him via Email.

Q&A Discussions

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  1. aaron febbo

    Don’t now if illl ever use a samsung camera but i like how all these companies have been stepping up their game and have been diluting the market. As a consumer i cant wait to see how all these products effect the major camera companies. Looking forward to getting more for my money. On a side note i think the NX1 is a pretty good looking camera.

    | |
  2. Greg Silver

    WOW – now that’s an firmware update!!! Great to see a camera manufacturer putting this much effort into updating their camera. Would like to see others take more of a proactive stance (although….Canon/Nikon have many many more models and resources would be limited.)

    | |
  3. Arnold Ziffel

    When and if I decide to mirrorless, I’m going to give Samsung a real hard look. Gonna be watching to see what they do glass wise.

    | |
    • Chad Andreo-Photo

      The only drawback thats keeping me away from considering this camera is the flange design. Its apparently too small to work with a Metabone adapter.

      | |
  4. robert s

    seems to me that its the norm now to release the product in half ass manner then fix bugs with firmware.

    with a huge list of improvements in this firmware, its obvious they assed it completely.

    its why I dont buy samsung. same thing with their phones. you buy a flagship note or glaxy and two weeks later they release and updated one. do it right, do it once and be done with it.

    | |
    • Chad Andreo-Photo

      I disagree when it comes to this camera. Camera technology is currently improving at a fast pace. It appears they released a very capable product and plan to support and update the camera whenever possible instead of having camera owners wait until the next model(Canon-like).
      I would rather have a capable camera in my hand ASAP than waiting months/years for a product to be released. As a Canon user, I’d love for them to do the same with the 5D3.

      | |
    • robert s

      chad, I thank you for being an early adapter/beta tester. because of people like you, I buy my product 6+ months later, with all the bugs fixed all the tweaks and with a discount.

      so let me not discourage you with your state of mind of buying ASAP. please continue to do so, so I can benefit from it.

      all those who got screwed with buying the SB900/D800/D600 and now D750. I salute you!

      | |
    • Chad Andreo-Photo

      I never said I was an early adapter/beta tester. I have been in the past, but thats only after doing extensive research.
      It just appears to me, from reading numerous reviews that the NX1 was a capable camera prior to this new firmware update. The only that has kept me back from considering getting one for video work is the flange design. Apparently its too small to work with a Metabone adapter for my Canon lenses. I applaud companies like Samsung and Fuji for not pulling a Sony/Canon-like move and waiting to release their new features with a new body.

      | |
    • robert s

      no youre right chad. where did I ever think you were ever a beta tester..silly me.

      “I would rather have a capable camera in my hand ASAP than waiting months/years for a product to be released”

      | |
    • Chad Andreo-Photo

      Correct! A “capable” camera. E.g. Having access to a 1Dx 6 months in advance instead of waiting for Canon to finalize their F8 fireware.
      If we were talking about Lytro cameras or tech along those lines, I might see your point.

      | |
    • Steve VanSickle

      As a software developer, I can tell you from experience that despite all the user testing that goes on before release, it truly is impossible to test every conceivable way that people will use your product despite best efforts to do so. Also, I’d never heard of Samsung making SLRs before the NX1, so I’d imagine that this isn’t in their normal wheelhouse. Besides, at least this can be “patched” with a firmware upgrade instead of requiring a recall. I’d say kudos to Samsung for taking feedback and improving.

      | |