In a rather bazaar twist, B&H has pre-order links available for the upcoming Samsung Nx500 and a price – $799 – despite the fact that the camera has not officially been announced by Samsung yet.


The page has no images, no specs, no information. Just the camera, kits, and price. For that other information we must wait until the official announcement, or rely on the latest rumors, which are pretty sure about the specs…

Rumored Samsung NX500 Specs

  • 28MP BSI APS-C sensor
  • D5s image engine
  • ISO range: 100-25,600
  • New hybrid AF with PD
  • 55ms super fast AF
  • 9fps with AF
  • 1/6000s shutter speed
  • Easy sharing with BT/Wi-Fi/NFC
  • 3: Super AMOLED tilt &flip LCD screen
  • Dual command dial

It looks like a pretty impressive mid-range mirrorless rig. Not quite the ‘NX1-Mini’ that it was originally rumored to be, but still a really solid body that should compete well as more lenses are announced.


If retailers are already posting about the camera, we shouldn’t be waiting too much longer for the official announcement from Samsung. So stay tuned…

Oh, and if you are feeling good about it, you can pre-order on B&H here.