I am still waiting on my review unit of the NX1 to arrive, and in the meantime, other real world testing is being posted. Today, I wanted to share a very informative look at the NX1 produced by DPReview in conjunction with the SeattlePI.


[Rewind: Samsung NX1 Initial Impressions]

In the video, Jordan Stead, a staff photographer with the SeattlePI spends the day with the DPreview crew and the NX1 documenting the Salmon run. I will let you watch all the video for the details, but there was one thing that stood out to me from the review.

Towards the end of the video, Stead is asked if he could replace his current DSLR kit with the NX1 and a couple of pro lenses. He responds in saying that for about 85% of his work, yes, he could comfortably replace his DSLR with the NX1. Pretty high marks for the NX1 if you ask me.

It would be interesting to see if that percentage that he mentions goes up at all if Samsung is able to address some of the minor complaints (customization, etc) that should be able to be updated with a firmware fix.

The NX1 is currently in stock at B&H and you can get your hands on it for just $1499 in the body only. If you want the kit with the 16-50mm lens that is featured in the video above, you can get that for just $2799. There is also a second kit, with a smaller F/3.5-5.6 16-50mm lens available for $1699.

[via DPReview on Youtube]