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So, I saw THIS article on Engadget today…Samsung has some “indestructible” SD cards on the market now.Or very soon.This got me thinking.As usual…

Many DSLR-using photography hobbyists these days are discussing the merits of SD cards compared to CF.They have all sorts of weird reasons, from the simple fact that CF cards are larger and therefore less likely to get lost, to the fact that SD cards have exposed contact points while CF cards use hidden pins.When the new Nikon D800 was announced, with dual memory card slots, (one CF, one SD) …a bunch of people whined about how they wish Nikon would have just gone with two CF card slots.

Well, these new SD cards from Samsung just happen to be pretty dang impressive-they can be submerged underwater for up to 24 hours, they can withstand 3,2000 lbs of pressure, (1.6 tons!) …or up to 10,000 gauss.(A medical electromagnet, or maybe a small EMP?)WOW.Move over CF, hello SD!Besides, I always hated how CF cards had “pins”, all they do is bend slightly and mess up the slots on the card, ugh it’s so annoying.

So personally, I wouldn’t mind if we switched entirely to SD cards like in the Nikon D7000 which has DUAL SD slots.(A first in any DSLR, I believe.)However, for now, I’m very happy that Nikon (and others?) have begun to adopt a CF+SD dual card slot system.At least it provides you with SOME form of redundancy, which is crucial for weddings.Hopefully the 5D mk3 that will be announced in ~2 weeks will have dual card slots, and I’m 99.9% sure it will be CF+SD.

I do like that CF cards are larger, to be honest.I’m kind of a butterfingers.I also noticed that CF cards seem to have FAR higher speed ratings; these new SD cards top out at 24/21 MB/sec read/write speed, which is less than HALF the speed of the average 60 MB/sec Sandisk cards that we currently use.30 MB/sec is “so 2009” for CF cards!

I guess that’s what the new XQD format is for; we’ll see how that plays out in the new Nikon D4.Hopefully they’ll achieve much higher speeds, much higher capacities, AND that “indestructible” aspect….without costing an arm and a leg.

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