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Samsung Announces New T3 Portable SSDs, New Fuji X-Pro2 Rumored Specs Surface {Daily Roundup}

By Anthony Thurston on January 4th 2016

Welcome to our roundup series where we will hit on several gear news and rumor topics each day. This gives you a chance to get caught up on all of the day’s news and rumors in one place. Make sure to check back daily for the latest gear news, rumors, and announcements.

Samsung Announces New T3 Portable SSDs, Up To 2TB In Your Pocket!

In case you were not aware, we are big fans of Samsung’s portable SSD storage solutions here at SLR Lounge. Kishore did a review a while back on the Samsung T1 SSDs and concluded that they are the perfect portable drive, spacious and speedy.

Today, Samsung announced their new T3 SSD drives that build upon the successes of the T1 and improves upon it in almost every way. Starting with capacity, these new T3 drives will come in 250GB, 500GB, 1TB and 2TB variants, meaning you really can have your cake and eat it too ~ assuming you are willing to pay for it.

The newly announced T3 drives will also feature fast USB 3.1 and type-c support, allowing for read/write speeds of up to 450MB/s! To put that in perspective, that is still faster than most mechanical drives will be able to give you from inside your system, so you will (assuming you connect the drive to a USB 3.1 port) literally have SSD level speeds in your pocket at whatever capacity you can afford. This has got to be tailor-made for on location data storage and backup.


I mean heck, there is even an iOS and Android companion app to help you manage the drive, reset its password, and other functions. Oh, and did I forget to mention that it is shock resistant up to 2 meters?! I think it’s safe to say that most of the time these drives will be within 2 meters of the ground, so that is impressive and gives you even more reason to trust these drives with your data while out on the go.

We don’t have pricing available on these quite yet, but the 1TB version of the T1 debuted at $600, so it would be safe to say that the 2TB version of this T3 will likely fall a little bit north of that. Stay tuned and we will update you when these hit the market, and hopefully, we can get a unit or two in for review. The new T3 drives are expected to be available in the US starting next month.


New Fuji X-Pro2 Rumored Specs Surface

On the rumor front, an announcement is expected at any time for the next generation of Fuji cameras, starting with the X-Pro2. This morning, some new specs for that rumored camera surfaced over on Fuji Rumors, and they paint an interesting picture of what the next Fuji camera could be.

  • Lossless RAW compression
  • 273 Focus Points
  • Improved Noise Reduction
  • Pixel Mapping
  • Grain Effect
  • New Menu Interface
  • The X-Pro2 will use Fujifilm NP-W126 batteries
  • EXR III processor will get the much cooler name “X-processor”

It is notable that the AF system with 273 AF points sounds like it could be a step forward for Fuji‘s AF performance. The specs also clearly say that the new camera will still use Fuji‘s NP-w126 batteries, meaning there will likely no be any real battery life improvements over the current crop of Fuji cameras – this is disappointing, as this continues to be a major gripe against all mirrorless cameras.

I am also curious about what this ‘new menu interface’ is and what it will look like. Personally, I liked the menu system in the current Fuji cameras, so I am curious as to why they would feel the need to change it. Regardless, we should know more soon, so stay tuned.

What are your thoughts on today’s roundup? What news/rumors did we miss? What would you like to see covered in future roundups? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

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Anthony Thurston is a photographer based in the Salem, Oregon area specializing in Boudoir. He recently started a new project, Fiercely Boudoir to help support the growing boudoir community. Find him over on Instagram. You may also connect with him via Email.

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  1. Motti Bembaron

    I would venture and say that the new 2TB SSD will be north of $1,300 :-)

    | |
  2. Paul Nguyen

    I love Fuji, I have owned many Fuji cameras and bodies, including two copies of the X-T1, the X-T10, X-E2, X100 and basically most of the Fuji X lenses. I used to write an exclusively Fuji blog and I was ready to shoot Fuji and only Fuji, but ultimately, Fuji let me down and I still believe they’re letting X shooters down.

    The Fuji system has excellent lenses and very good cameras. However, some initially poor design choices with the lenses have, in my opinion, come back to haunt Fuji. The AF motors in their 23/1.4 and 56/1.2 should have been the LM-type motors which are quicker, quieter and offer greater longevity. The 90/2 should have featured OIS and the 35/2, which is a nice lens on its own merits, should never have been released. They should have fixed the original 35/1.4 which had excellent IQ to have more modern features including silent and internal AF and a more robust construction.

    On top of that, Fuji’s flash system is completely rubbish. Their EF-42 is a cheaply built flash that doesn’t always expose correctly, is quite sporadic and generally not very pleasant to use. Coming from Nikon, which has a very nice TTL flash system, Fuji was a pain, though it did teach me how to use manual flash.

    The X-T1 was, in my opinion, the first real Fuji camera, the X-Pro1 and X-E1 were both beta products. However, it was very clear (at least to me) that the direction in which Fuji was moving was toward the X-T1 body design. I questioned the X-T10 initially, but after using it, I felt that it was a very good camera and that it would do a fine job of replacing the X-E line completely. In my view, the X-T10 is to the X-T1 what the X-E1 was to the X-Pro1.

    However, since then, I’ve come to question some of Fuji’s choices in terms of camera bodies. The camera most professional Fuji shooters use is the X-T1. It would have made the most sense to implement the bleeding edge features into the camera which most pros would buy so that they can improve their pro work and consolidate their Fuji systems.

    There is a crowd who will always be after an OVF, but I do believe that with Fuji’s current lens lineup, an OVF is silly. It is practically incompatible with two-thirds of their lenses, whether it be due to the lens blocking the OVF or the OVF just not making sense for the more telephoto lenses. It was relevant when Fuji made small primes, but they’re all about the big zooms that pros love these days.

    There is a case for the OVF, that is the X100 series. It’s a very competent 28/35/50 equivalent kit with the converters and it’s where the OVF is useful and belongs. What I ultimately wanted to see from Fuji was a trio type system – with the next cameras being the X-T2, X-T20 and X-E2s. The X-Pro and X-A series should be ditched and the X-E series should be beefed up to be more like the X-Pro series, but still sit below the X-T1’s current position. I’d advocate an X-E2s so that the numbers remain consistent, perhaps so that an X-T3, X-T30 and X-E3 can come after that, with a consistent naming scheme.

    At the moment, I see little reason to buy the X-Pro2 if the X-T2 is going to come out soon after with all the newer features added in.

    | |
    • Andrew Leinonen

      The X-Pro2 does seem like a bit of a strange product, since inevitably it will be extremely niche. There may have been a few people who jumped onto the Fuji train when the X-Pro1 came out, but the vast majority of pros using Fuji system are more likely to prefer the versatility, weather-sealing, and ergonomics of the X-T1. Not to mention the X-Pro pricing, which is totally out to lunch.

      As you say, it seems like a product that exists to steal a few diehard sales, and everyone else will simply get the X-T2.

      | |
  3. Marco Introini

    Finally the RAW lossless compression! I love my Fuji (XT10) but the file size is too big right now ;)

    | |
  4. Kevin Cucci

    X-Pro 2 looks good, X-T2 will look better. That’s what I will get excited for!

    | |
  5. Tom Blair

    Now which 2TB drive do you buy?

    | |
  6. Joseph Ford

    I love the idea of a 2TB SSD, the ability to work on your files and transfer them at lighting speeds is great. but I can’t help wonder what happen to Samsung T2?

    | |
  7. Paul Empson

    I like what Fuji create.. and the X-Pro2, is / could / should be well worth a look when it is released in it’s final spec. The only item I read recently that disappoints me is the lack of a tilting rear screen which I love on my X-T1..

    As intriguing as the X-Pro2 looks, I have a feeling I’ll be holding off until an X-T2 is launched..

    *As an old Fuji S5 user, one of my old fave cameras, I really miss the Nikon CLS compatibility that made using flash so intuitive..

    | |