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Gear Rumors

Samsung To Add ‘IBIS’ To Next Gen Cameras

By Anthony Thurston on May 8th 2015

In-Body Image Stabilization, or IBIS, has become all the rage in the mirrorless world. Olympus and Sony have championed the technology, and now it seems Samsung is looking to stay competitive and get in on the action, too.


According to a new report over on Mirrorless Rumors (who quotes a new source), Samsung is actively developing a new sensor stabilization technology to use in their future NX cameras. The interesting caveat here is that it will not be introduced in a ‘flagship’ model, but rather in a lower end model first.

Other than that, we have not learned much about the new technology. But it would be safe to assume that it will work somewhat similarly to the Olympus and Sony technologies, but performance will probably be somewhere in-between. It is said that the Olympus technology has an advantage over Sony due to the smaller sensor, and if that is the case, then Samsung would also have an advantage over the Sony tech – though not quite as much.


I absolutely love the performance of the IBIS on my Sony A7 II, so if the Olympus and Samsung offerings are better that is awesome for those shooters. Personally, I would rather keep my full frame sensor and have slightly less IBIS performance.

There was no timeline shared on the Samsung technology, so it could arrive sooner or later. But the move makes a lot of sense. Virtually all (with Panasonic and Fuji as exceptions) of the major mirrorless players are using this technology, and Samsung has obviously identified it as a way to stay competitive in the market.

It will be interesting to see if Fuji or Panasonic will also add this tech in the future.

[via Mirrorless Rumors]

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  1. John Cavan

    I’m pretty sure Samsung had it at one point when they were selling what was effectively a re-badged Pentax body back when they supplied sensors to Pentax. Surprised that they didn’t keep it going because the advantage of it in mirrorless is really obvious vs the traditional SLR optical viewfinder.

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  2. Dave Haynie

    Olympus has had IBIS on lower-end models even going back to the early DSLR and Pen models.. .but not the freeky good 5-axis IBIS of the OM-D series, and not as even better verson of that in the E-M5II. I assume that’s what you get for spending a bit more — adding an extra axis or two does add cost and perhaps size.

    Also, don’t forget Pentax has also been doing IBIS for quite some time. And like Olympus, they have a number of “cool IBIS tricks”, using the hardware for special functions like as an active antialiasing filter or countering the earth’s rotation for long space shots.

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  3. Hannu Siika-aho

    Yes, it would be a great thing for Samsung to have it on their mirror-less cams.

    I wonder if the rumor is true about IBIS coming to lower end models. Like you said many would prefer a larger sensor over greater IBIS. Sony has been thinking same way for having implemented IBIS on full frame sensors only.

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