What Happens When You Edit A Wedding On An iPad?

October 6th 2012 2:16 PM

Dieter Chaney

While having some free time during the dinner break of a wedding he was shooting, wedding photographer Dieter Chaney did something that really made the bride, the groom, and their guests excited.

Using only the Snapseed App from Nik Software, Dieter used his iPad to edit his favorite images from the wedding and displayed a slideshow for all the wedding guests to see.

Even though these are not the final edited images that he delivered to the client (that was later done in Lightroom), the idea of being able to do a same-day edit and share the images from earlier in the day is a terrific one that made his clients happy.

What do you think about his images? What are some of the extra little touches that you that you feel make you stand out from the other photographers in your field?

Dieter Chaney

Dieter Chaney

Dieter Chaney



Joe is a rising fashion and commercial photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. He blends creativity and edge with a strong style of lighting and emotion in his photographs. Be sure to check out his work at and connect with him on Google Plus and on Facebook

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    Ed Rhodes

    i like the photos, but it could lead to clients expecting photos faster. “how hard can it be, he was doing it on an ipad during dinner?”

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    Of course its easy to do a same day slideshow on an iPad when you only edit 4 photos.

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    kingsley Scott

    Nothing new, I have been offering as an extra for some time at weddings where time allows. 

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    Daniel Zaleski

    What is a difference in using an iPad to using your laptop (apart from the fact that you will most likely work faster and quality will be better out of laptop) ???

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    If you want to show off your photos quickly to your clients on your iPad check out Mosaic View. Basically you put images in Lightroom and the most recent 2,000 images show up on your iPad for free.

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    Rob Frank

    I’ve been doing this for a number of years using my laptop, lightroom and a 22″ flat screen monitor.  The client loves it, the guests can’t get enough of it and I get a ton of business off of it!

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    Sergiu Bacioiu

    Started doing the same thing but using my laptop after I bought Lightroom 4 Preset System.
    I think it’s a great idea, if you combine it with the new wireless features of new cameras, your assistant can deliver pictures on the screen from the first dance after a few minutes.

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    I think this is a great idea! To be able to see some of the photos from your wedding day within an hour of them being taken is awesome. I’m not sure what is wrong with the photos? They look great considering they were edited on the fly with an app, Great work!

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    Great idea! My clients cry when they see some photos that were taken by their guests using their camera phones.  I can’t imagine when they see an edited photos like these on a bigger screen like an iPad during dinner?  That’s awesome!  I think I am going to start doing the same thing!

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    I am sorry, but terrible photos

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      Not an accurate, or constructive comment Sherman. If there is something you don’t like about a photo, explain your opinion and reasoning, talk about how you might do it different. But, not helpful to simply say they are terrible (which I disagree with as well). 

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      Fantastic comment, backed up with great reasoning! Well done!

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      Jeremy Montgomery

       there’s always one….

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