Newborn photography has always been a cherished heirloom. Some would argue that there’s nothing cuter than pictures of babies, kittens, and puppies. But putting the “awww factor” aside for a moment, newborn photographers must first consider safety above all else when posing infants. Today, the poses have started to get more advanced but with that comes a greater risk of harming an infant if proper posing and compositing practices are not exercised – enter Stand In Baby!



StandInBaby is a Marvelous Training Aid

As a newborn and maternity photographer, I was elated when my friend, Sandra Moffatt, messaged me to tell me about her invention, “The StandInBaby.” SIB is the world’s first fully articulated, newborn photography posing and training aid. It was designed by newborn photographers for newborn photographers and is an excellent tool to help practice posing, lighting and even teach educational workshops.

StandInBaby is designed to replicate an average size newborn baby. StandInBaby is 50cm in length and simulates a weight of 7lbs with all the weight distributed perfectly to the right areas. The head is a large portion of the training aids entire weight and has a diameter of 36cm just like a true to life newborn. The hands are 7cm long and our design team even went so far as using a real newborn baby’s footprint to replicate the 7cm long foot.


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StandInBaby – The Possibilities

As a mentor, I teach maternity workshops, and I photograph newborns but have procrastinated against the idea of teaching newborn posing. Part of the reason is because I have not wanted to be liable for students posing the newborns during the workshop. I see StandInBaby as a safe way to teach the students how to safely do composite photography for popular poses like “Froggy.” StandInBaby is also an excellent tool to teach the parents or siblings how you need them to hold the baby for more complicated poses and allows you to practice your set up ahead of time to make sure that you are satisfied with your lighting.


StandInBaby has the power to revolutionize the way that newborn photography is practiced and taught. It’s an essential tool to add to your kit to practice or teach safe posing. To learn more about it, visit their website.