NewYork based wedding photographer, Ryan Brenizer is well known for creating the ‘Brenizer Method,’ a photography technique where you create a shallow depth of field with a wide angle of view.  By incorporating photo stitching, you can mimic the look of a large format camera but with your DSLR or even your camera phone.


In the following video by B&H Photo, Ryan offers five tips to improve lighting for your wedding photography. His tips are simple and perfect for someone starting out in wedding photography or beginning to experiment with light. In the 10 minute video, he talks about bouncing light, using backlight well, turning a flash into a light grenade, moving light closer (and the inverse square law), and continuous light. Giving examples using his beautiful imagery, the video is easy to understand and as always, his photographs are inspiring.

To see more of Ryan Brenizer’s work and learn more about his Brenizer Method, check out his website here.


Watch Lighting for Weddings with Ryan Brenizer: Wedding Photography Tips

If you are just starting out with lighting, be sure to check out our Lighting 101 Workshop DVD, where we teach you a foundation to help you begin to shape light.

For a simple explanation of the Inverse Square Law (from tip #4 in the video above), check out this clip from Lighting 101:

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