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Gear Rumors

RX100M3 Leaks Online, Possible Official Announcement Next Week!

By Anthony Thurston on April 25th 2014

The rumor mill had already been expecting the new Sony A77II to be announced next week, and now they are saying Sony may announce the new RX100M3 as well. This all stems from a leaked Sony product manual, naming the new DSC-RX100M3, or RX100M3 for short.



We shared some news regarding a patent on a 28-100 F/1.8-2.8 that is rumored to be the lens for a new RX200 model, which could be this new RX100M3. If this does turn out to be the case, then the RX100M3 would surely become arguably the best fixed lens compact camera on the market.

The current RX100 II is selling for about $700 on B&H right now, so expect the new RX100M3 to come in around there, or even a little higher if this exciting new lens is in fact on the new body.

What are your thoughts on the rumored RX100M3? Leave a comment below!

[via SAR]

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  1. Mike

    I have the first RX100, and it’s a fantastic little camera. I don’t always want to carry my dslr, so this cam fits the bill when I want image quality better than my iphone and the ability to shoot raw.

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  2. Art

    I agree. The rx100 is a beauty of a camera specially for the price being sold now this is a steal. I sold mine to pick up and rx1r and I am thinking about buying a used rx100 jut because price is so low.

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  3. Zach Ashcraft

    The Original RX100 is still a really capable camera, and can be had for like $300 used now which is ridiculous! It’s one of my favorite cameras to shoot with, it’s just easy to have with you. I love that Sony is improving on them

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