The Sony RX100 series have long been favorites amongst professional photographers for their strong feature set and small size. The latest RX100 M3 adds some impressive features and the addition of Sony’s new XAVC HD Codec makes this camera awesome for both stills and video.


Austin Evans, one of my favorite tech YouTubers, just released his in-depth review of the RX100 M3, and it has to be one of the best I have seen on this little camera yet. In the review, Austin covers everything from the size to how well the video footage grades -overall a great review!

If I was in the market for a pocketable camera, the RX100 M3 would be it. You really can’t beat the combination of size and features, and Sony did a masterful job tying it all together into a great product.

If you are interested in grabbing an RX100 M3 or learning more about the camera, you can check out the product listing over on B&H. The price (~$800) might be an initial turnoff, but when you think about what you are getting, a comparable DSLR with lenses would cost at least that much or more.


What are your thoughts on the RX100 M3? Do you think that this is a small camera that professionals could appreciate? Leave a comment below!

[Via Austin Evans on Youtube]