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‘Russia’s Spiderman’ Takes Daredevil Photos at Startling Heights

By Leujay Cruz on March 25th 2014

Use your fear as a fuel.

Do you fear certain aspects of photography? Maybe it’s interacting with your clients. Maybe it’s the panic of the technical execution. Maybe it’s the fright of missing the perfect shot at just the right moment.

What to do to break through your fear? Execute. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to be done. Kirill Oreshkin has inspired me to attempt to re-break my fear. Once an acrophobe (fear of heights), Oreshkin concurred his fears by just executing. Harnessing his passion for landscape photography and embracing the company that enjoyed similarity. He broke free.



I started doing it because I like the views. I like photographing the city and the people I get to spend time with. In the beginning I was afraid of heights. I was even afraid to approach the edge of the building, let alone hang off of it.

Yes, you read that correctly. Hanging off of buildings. That’s also where he got my attention. He was on the edge of the building. Hanging. As I watched the video below, I was on the edge of my seat.



But now that fear is gone. It came with experience.” Experience. That’s what it’s all about. If any of us are going to master this craft, we’re going to have to do it with experience. There isn’t a piece of gear in the industry that magically provides us with infinite XP points. Double XP weekend doesn’t exist in the real world like it does in video games. If it did, I’d book all my weddings on those weekends.

It’s no longer about overcoming myself. I just really like doing it.” I think that’s exactly what we can all take from the experience that Kirill Oreshkin has shared with us.

We can’t forget why we love what we do. Build through experience and evolve your passion. I’m not going to wait for the opportunity to ride my next roller coaster, I’m going to create it. Thanks, Kirill.

You can check out his 500px account for some more jaw dropping images.

Via VocativPetaPixel

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Leujay is a full time wedding photographer with Lin & Jirsa Photography and a freelance runway fashion photographer. He currently lives in Palm Desert with his wife and two dogs. When he’s not enjoying quality family time he fancies himself as a work-in-progress world traveler.

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  1. Kishore Sawh

    “Build through experience and evolve your passion. I’m not going to wait for the opportunity to ride my next roller coaster, I’m going to create it.” : Preach. Nice post LJ

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