It’s always nice to get some good news after the last few months! Today, Sony Alpha Rumors is reporting a “Wild Rumor” that there may be a new ZV1 Compact Vlogger Camera coming on May 26th! There isn’t much on the detail front for this rumor yet but here’s what they had to say below;

A solid long time source told us Sony would announce a new compact camera in late May. And now a “second source” told us this:

Sony will announce a new “Sony ZV1” compact camera at 10:00am New York time on 26th May 2020. This will be Perfect for vlogger.

I am not 100% sure yet this rumor is legit. But that “second source” was right on the rumor about the new Bluetooth handle so there is a fair chance he may be right on the camera name. I personally would find it weird if the change the “RX” naming to “ZV”. But maybe that camera is much more than an RX styled selfie camera?

Hope to get more info about that camera soon…

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Given their record, my guess is we’ll get some more information on this pretty quickly, and it’ll be interesting to see if the potential name change does mean that this camera will have something new added to it making it more than just the selfie camera.  What do you think? Do you believe there’s a new camera coming? Will it have more powerful features? What, if any, would be on your wishlist? Let us know in the comments below.

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