It has been rumored for a while now, a high megapixel canon body, and we may have just gotten our first look at it. Earlier today the Chinese website Weibo “leaked” images of a camera (blurred out), not much to go on, but the strap appears to read “EOS 3D “.


Many have pointed out that Canon would not send out custom 3D straps if the camera was not close to production, or in production even – so maybe we will be seeing the fabled Canon 3D being announced or released sometime here in the near future.




At any rate, as you can see not much can be seen of the body itself due to the blur, but it is clearly a canon body as the canon logo can be seen on it. Photo Rumors is saying that if these images are in fact real that an official announcement is sure to come soon.

What are your thoughts? Could this be the rumored canon body or is this just some photoshop trickery? Let us know in a comment below. 

[via Photo Rumors]