The World Cup is underway in Brazil, and rumors are the new 7D Mark II is on scene for the world’s biggest sporting event. Today, some new information about the specs for this new Canon DSLR seem to confirm that this will be a “Pro” APS-C camera.


Updated Canon 7D Mark II Specs

  • The Camera will feature an EOS-1 D style top plate, which means that there will NOT be a mode dial on the top of the camera.
  • The Camera WILL have a popup flash, despite the EOS-1 style top plate.
  • The camera will come with WiFi and GPS on-board, with no need for additional accessories.

That is the extent of the latest specs rumor. But considering this comes after just the first day of the World Cup you can almost be sure that further leaks will happen between now and when the tournament ends.

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So far, I agree with the rumor mill here. Those specs seem to indicate that this will, in fact, be a camera targeted towards the pro market. I am curious what other surprises that Canon has up their sleeves for this one.


What are your thoughts on these updated specs? Do you agree with the conclusion that this will be a pro targeted camera? Leave a comment below!

[via Canon Rumors]