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Rumored 7D Mark II Specs Updated, Features EOS-1D Style Top Plate

By Anthony Thurston on June 13th 2014

The World Cup is underway in Brazil, and rumors are the new 7D Mark II is on scene for the world’s biggest sporting event. Today, some new information about the specs for this new Canon DSLR seem to confirm that this will be a “Pro” APS-C camera.


Updated Canon 7D Mark II Specs

  • The Camera will feature an EOS-1 D style top plate, which means that there will NOT be a mode dial on the top of the camera.
  • The Camera WILL have a popup flash, despite the EOS-1 style top plate.
  • The camera will come with WiFi and GPS on-board, with no need for additional accessories.

That is the extent of the latest specs rumor. But considering this comes after just the first day of the World Cup you can almost be sure that further leaks will happen between now and when the tournament ends.

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So far, I agree with the rumor mill here. Those specs seem to indicate that this will, in fact, be a camera targeted towards the pro market. I am curious what other surprises that Canon has up their sleeves for this one.


What are your thoughts on these updated specs? Do you agree with the conclusion that this will be a pro targeted camera? Leave a comment below!

[via Canon Rumors]

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  1. Rafael Steffen

    Lets see what Nikon is preparing!

    | |
  2. Michael Stafford

    I think the Nikon D7100 is taking away sales from Canon’s APSC cameras, and they would like to get them back. If they can make the 7D MK II in the same mpx class and fps speed as the D7100 with a better buffer, they will have it nailed.

    | |
  3. Sam Figueroa

    I’d already like it if all they upgrade was ISO performance, dynamic range and threw in WiFi.

    | |
  4. Derrell Daniels

    I wonder why canon is taking so much time getting this camera in the market. Seem like they are losing money while others like Nikon are grabbing market shares while canon is playing hide and seek.

    | |
  5. Matt Walsh

    Any word on frame rate? My 7D is still faster than most over options out there. I hope this model improves that in a big way. Would love to see between 10-15fps. Make it a sports work horse.

    | |
  6. D. Stewart

    I meet too many people here in Atlanta who go out and buy the 7D, as well as various models of the 5D, and don’t know how to use them, not to speak of the ones that are not even amateurs to start with. They just want the camera. DSLRs have created a false belief that one can purchase them and instantly go professional. Professionalism is acquired over many years of shooting in many kinds of environments, along with a TRUE knowledge of photography–tell the camera what to do, not vice versa. It is an ongoing learning process in which one never knows it all. I believe a good professional has the ability to shoot 99% manual and without a light meter like we did in the days of film. The camera will guide, but the final decision should be that of the photographer. Learn to read light, and you have reach the cusp of professional photography.
    One guy told me he has a 5D Mark lll that is on the shelf because it is too complicated for him to figure out. He even bought the 600EX-RT speedlite, and that is over-priced, along with 3 lenses. “A camera does not a professional make.” Such ambiguity. He is not even an amateur. I shook my head in pity of his ignorance. What a waste of money on the shelf collecting dust.
    I suspect Jim is one of those “full-frame camera wannabe photographers.”

    | |
  7. Annn

    A lot of Magazines won’t even entertain you unless you have a full frame. Snobbery at its best.

    | |
  8. Sarcastic guy

    Canon? You mean that lens company? Indeed…very nice lenses for our mirrorless…but wait…are they making also cameras?

    Anyway…to stop sarcasm…the only good with Canon’s policy on announcing new models, is that it protects your investment value for many years. Not like Sony, Fuji, Panasonic, etc that announce a new model every few months…
    sorry I did it again…that was me being sarcastic again….

    | |
  9. LIsa

    if it is considered pro will that make it more expensive?

    | |
    • Gene

      yup thinking it will be on the $2,000.00 mark. but lets just wait for more info since Photokina is near.

      | |
    • Anthony Thurston

      Idk Gene, I think that $2,000 may be pushing it for an APS-C rig these days, even a top end pro one. I think something more like $1799 is more likely. Right around the price of the 6D.

      | |
  10. Faisal Khatib

    I’ve been waiting on upgrading my back up/second camera i.e. the 7D for ages. If it is indeed targeted towards the pro crowd (maybe planned as a 1D MKIV replacement?) then this is extremely exciting news for me. And just to throw it into the mix… I’m a professional photographer and the extra reach I get with my 7D + prime telephoto lenses makes it a brilliant combo with my “fullframe” 5D + wide prime lenses.

    | |
  11. NIGEL Street

    A piece of equipment doesn’t make you a professional photographer, that’s just a ridiculous comment to make. I’ve seen professional looking portrait images taken with a smart phone..!!
    If you haven’t got the raw talent and the knowledge in the first place it doesn’t matter what you use. Just because some pro’s have all the bells and whistles it doesn’t make them a good photographer, just because they may scratch a living out of what they do doesn’t mean there any good.

    | |
  12. G.W.

    Ultimate 7D at Pro level:

    – A Foveon multi-layer multi-pixel CMOS AF sensor without the low-pass filter and ultra fast focus that no other mirrorless can match
    – 12-16MP to get better ISO range
    – Give it the 1DX AF system with all cross type 61+ point that all can focus at -3EV and f/8
    – Give it 1DX’s viewfinder with full time horizontal & vertical level plus translucent RGB histogram
    – 4K RAW video with 5D touch dials &/or 70D touch screen and in camera recording
    – Full Wi-Fi mobile control on both photo & video
    – Build-in flash with both optical and radio wireless flash command control

    ☺Bring it on Canon! Time to burn a whole in my pocket…. if you got what I want! ☺

    | |
    • Deon van Zyl

      4k Raw video?


      keep dreaming buddy,

      | |
    • Jared

      The camera you speak of would be $4000+. I’m expecting a generic upgrade. 1-2 more MP, dual pixels, New processor (or dual), possible sd card slot. Same af system, same build, more expensive, no reason to upgrade.

      I bet it will also have a mode dial btw.

      | |
  13. Jim

    Is it full frame? If it ain’t full from then it ain’t a pro camera,

    | |