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Rumor: Nikon’s Next Full Frame Will Be Called The D750, to Feature 24MP Sensor

By Anthony Thurston on August 19th 2014

We first reported the initial rumors of a new Nikon full frame DSLR last week, and from the start, a popular thought was that this would be a D7xx camera, but there was nothing behind that, just speculation. Today, however, it is speculation no more.

Nikon_D700_BodyAccording to a new rumor report over on Nikon Rumors, that site is now confirming (by what means we do not know, so take with some salt) that the soon-to-be announced Nikon full frame will, in fact, be called the D750. It seems that our hopes and desires have finally been realized and Nikon is coming out with a legitimate D700 replacement.

The author of the post over at NR is also 95% confident that the D750 will feature a 24.3MP sensor, and will be announced at or ahead of Photokina. At this time, they are still not sure what AF system the camera will sport, nor if the camera will have an AA filter or not.

Just as a refresher, here are the latest rumored specs of the upcoming Nikon D750 full frame DSLR.


Nikon D750 Rumored Specs

  • 24MP full frame sensor
  • Tilting LCD screen
  • Wi-Fi support
  • Expeed 4 imaging processor
  • Very light body (probably similar to the D610 and Df, maybe even lighter)
  • Priced around $2,500
  • Potential announcement at the end of August or early September

To me, this looks as if Nikon is either finally listening to customers, who have been clamoring for what seems like ages for legitimate D700 and D300s replacements.  Still no dice on the D300s replacement, but this is great news for D700 hold outs who have not seen anything from Nikon worth upgrading to yet.

Stay tuned for more details, as we will bring them to you as we are made aware of them…


What are your thoughts on this D750? Could this be a sign that Nikon is finally starting to listen to its customers? Leave a comment below!

[via Nikon Rumors]

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  1. Jeff Morrison

    Thanks for sharing

    | |
  2. Brian Stalter

    I would love to see a full frame with tilt/swivel screen – sometimes it just comes in handy for shooting high or low without having to climb or crawl to get a shot.

    | |
  3. edmund dworakowski

    It’s such a disappointment that Nikon chose to use an inferior body type for this camera. I have gotten use to the feel and ergonomics of a pro body with my D300s and I was hoping to be able to use the same battery grip with any upgrade be it DX or FX. I’ve shot with both D7100 and D610 and both feel small, cheap and flimsy compared to my D300s. I was going to upgrade with Nikon, but will now wait to see what Canon and Fujifilm come out with a Photokina…. I don’t know if these specs are true, but Nikon would make a lot of loyal customers happy if they stayed with the pro body that we’ve come to love and appreciate.

    | |
    • Clare Havill

      I disagree that the D610 has an ‘inferior body’ not everyone has the hand size or hand strength to handle a ‘pro body’. It not what size it is but what you do with it!

      | |
    • Kyle Stauffer

      I don’t disagree with Clare as the body is mostly a matter of prefference. However, if the D750 in a 610 body is Nikon’s version of a 700 upgrade, then it’s my belief that Nikon has purposely underminded those customers once again.

      If it’s going to be in a 610 body, I see that as an upgrade from the 610, not the 700. Just my 2 cents.

      | |
  4. Phil Bautista

    If it’s going to have a radically different body and guts from its predecessor, then why even continue the line? Why not just go with a different numbering system (D4xx)? It’s not like they don’t have enough lines (D3xxx, D5xxx, D7xxx, D6xx, D7xx, D8xx, Dx-, Df) but what’s one more? They need to make sense of why certain cameras are numbered a certain way and they have done a great job so far (although I’m a bit confused with the differences between the D7xx and D8xx because I wrongly assumed the D800 was the successor of the D700). I’m not criticizing the camera, just the rumored branding. If it’s not an upgraded D700, just go a different branding route.

    | |
  5. Kyle Stauffer

    Just one other thing…. Dual card slots. That is all

    | |
  6. Kyle Stauffer

    Just my opinion, but i don’t think Nikon had to do much to the D700 to make the D750 what the customer wanted.

    Simply take the D700 body and put a D600 sensor in it with the latest and greatest processor. To further that even better would be to have the new AF of the 810/D4 and maybe even a native ISO of 64 (Not neccessary but a nice improvement). I also hope they did not limit the shutter speed to 1/4000 and boosted flash sync to a higher benchmark than the d699/610. Video for me would be a plus but not needed.

    If they put the d750 into a D610 body, it will be a dissapointment for me. I like a beefy “pro” feeling camera that looks/feels more like a tool than a toy. The control layout alone may still be enough for some to stay with their old trusty D700.

    I’ve also always felt the flippy sceens were more geared toward amature cameras such as the t3i/d5200. Maybe this will be a nice feature for those that use live view often.

    Again, just my opinion, but i’m not sure this is going to be that “perfect” blend like that of the 5d Mark III. I sure hope it is though!

    | |
  7. Levine Tate

    The biggest issue I have about this new upgrade is that it’s too much of an upgrade. I’m an avid shooter with my D700 and love because of its low light capabilities with low noise and its high FPS outfitted with grip and BL-4A battery. The 12mp is excellent as well, but for this to be an upgrade at 24mp, I don’t think so. That’s a huge jump, especially as a wedding photog and event shooter, I need the speed (high fps) to remain the same or higher. I always considered the D4s as my upgrade if Nikon didn’t have a successor for the D700. Now I’m still considering the D4s, because of its 16mp and 11fps and super fast autofocus, that’s what I need. I don’t need that much MP. Even when I print, I don’t print anything larger than and 24×36. I hope that’s it a rumor about the 24mp.

    | |
  8. Eric Sharpe

    I was saving for the Nikon DF, but I think I’ll likely go with this unicorn of a camera, if it actually gets made.

    | |
  9. Austin Swenson

    Can Photokina just get here already? These last few days and weeks are sometimes just torturous.

    | |
  10. Stan Rogers

    The webz are speaking, and what they seem to be saying is that if it’s not a D4s at a $3500 discount (they’re willing to forego *perhaps* as much as 1.5 FPS with a grip and maybe lose the web server and ethernet, as long as they get a high frame rate and an infinite buffer along with whatever sensor is in the “flagship”) it’s not a “real D700 replacement”. Apparently 24 million is a number far to high to count to and clean 6400 ain’t nearly enough ISOs. And what’s up with the flippity-flappity screen? And why isn’t it mirrorless? And so on, and so on…

    | |
  11. Rafael Steffen

    This is the sweet spot to compete with the 5D Mark III. I think all photographers want a médium camera that has great image quality with speed, which in the end means a pro autofocus system.

    | |
  12. | |
  13. Brandon Dewey

    Very interesting, if this is true then Nikon with have four full framed bodies and three DX bodies.

    | |