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Rumor Mill: Nikon to Announce D5300 and D610 DSLRs

By Anthony Thurston on August 30th 2013

Well, the latest rumors on the mill comes to us from the Nikon camp. The good news is that we can expect some new DSLRs to be announced, the bad news is they are not the DSLRs that we are wanting (D300/D700 replacements). According to the rumor site Nikon Rumors, the two DSLRs that are expected to be announced soon are the D5300 and D610.


The D5300 is likely a marginal improvement over the D5200, possibly with a few new features here and there (maybe built in GPS and Wi-Fi). This is not a huge surprise, innovation in the entry level consumer market is few and far between these days. The strategy has long been slow controlled upgrades that trick consumers into upgrading to a camera with minimal feature improvements.



The D610 however is a more interesting development. The rumor is that the feature of the D610 and Nikon D600 are likely going to be identical with a few changes here and there so that Nikon can justify the new name. The reason behind the D610 is likely to finally put to bed the D600 sensor oil issue that has likely cost Nikon many customers of the D600. Presumably, the D610 will not have that issue, and thus will not suffer from the current stigma around buying a D600.

I am always happy when new cameras are announced, but I am feeling very “meh” about these two models. Sure, these are only just rumors, and really nothing is known about them so I can’t judge them too much yet… but if the rumors turn out to be true, I expect better from Nikon.

What are your thoughts on these rumors? Are these needed updates from Nikon?

[via Nikon Rumors]

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  1. Chris Zeller

    I love my D600 as-is and am unlikely to upgrade. But in the next iteration of the low-end FF SLR Nikon would have to add these features to entice me. I don’t think they will add these so soon however.
    Wi-Fi and GPS built-in (allow the wi-fi app to control exposure controls), 1/8000 shutter speed, 1/250s flash sync, wider AF area spread, higher AF sensitivity in the dark (-3ev like D7100–what’s the good of super high ISO capability if your indoor portraits are ruined by people blinking at your AF assist lamp?), ok button zoom to 1:1 (d7100). That’s really it.

    Personally, I still think it’ll be a D400. I think they will gain more customers with some f2.8 DX glass (8mm 2.8, 10-18mm 2.8, 16-70mm f2.8 vr) and a pro DX body.

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  2. Kyndel

    I wold buy a D610 if – beside the dust/oil problems solved – there is the AF-system as in D7100 (as I have) and 1/8000 second shutter (also in D7100) for my f.1.4 lenses.

    No AA-filter would perhaps also be fine, but that depends…..

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  3. Nick

    I’d love a D610 if it addresses the other issues with the D600 as well; including manual aperture while recording video, getting rid of the useless retouch button (selective color anyone?), and spreading out those centralized focus points. I’d also love a cooler name, like D600s instead of D610. That’s all. Am I asking too much?

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