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Rumor Mill: Nikon D610 To Be Announced Oct 7-8

By Anthony Thurston on September 25th 2013


According to the latest rumblings Nikon is set to announce its new D610 within the next few weeks, likely on October 7th or 8th. The D610 is largely thought of as a slight of hand by Nikon to try and shake the bad rep that the D600 got with its sensor oil issues.

Recently leaked specifications from the D610 seemed to confirm that point of view because the only difference in the specs from the Nikon D600 to the D610, and remember this is a rumor so take it with a grain of salt, is a slightly improved frames per second of 6fps (up from 5.5 in the original D600).

Be on the look out for some more big D600 sales during the coming weeks, businesses will be trying to get rid of their stock before the D610 announcement kills D600 sales. If I am being honest though I would be all over a D600 if I could afford it, no need for a D610 in my opinion. They fixed the sensor oil issue, so unless there is a software or significant firmware change in the D610 that was not leaked in the specs then I see no reason to get a D610 over the Nikon D600. But that is just me.

What are your thoughts? Does this fool you at all? Let us know in the comments below. 

[via Nikon Rumors]

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Q&A Discussions

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  1. Colin Chaffers

    Yesterday, I was offered a D600 at £650 down from £1150 in Singapore, because a new model was coming out. I declined the offer. BR Colin

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  2. raduandreyi

    I was hoping for 6.5 fps,but now I have to wait for D620..just kidding,I think it’s a great camera,who knows maybe ,if the price drops I’l buy it

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  3. LeeAnn

    I would not be looking for a D600 bargain. I purchased a D600 in Oct. 2012, right after it came out and was plagued by the sensor spot issues from Day # 1. I sent it in to Nikon 4x for sensor cleanings plus had it cleaned locally once. There was a rumor floating that the spots would eventually go away – NOT. My copy of the camera had well over 10,000 images so there is no truth to that one. In August they finally replaced the shutter and the spots still came back even with the new shutter!! Within 300 images I had probably 2 doz. spots again. As soon as that happened I sent it back in AGAIN and they finally offered to either A) keep working on it or B) give me a full refund. I opted for the refund. I have spent countless hours in Photoshop cleaning up the dozens & dozens of sensor spots. I JUST CAN’T DEAL WITH THEM ANY MORE. I am currently waiting on my refund and will then have to decide if I will go for this new D610, bite the bullet (and another wad of change) for the D800 or just drop back to the D7100 and pick up another lens with the leftover refund money.

    Just think carefully about what you will be doing with your images and just how “clean” you want them. If you think spending an hour cleaning up an image isn’t tedious then go for it if you find a rock bottom price. If you don’t have that kind of time to spare per image then save your money.

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  4. Steve

    On the surface, it would seem like a great idea, hey I can get this wonderful D600 for a bargain price! However, lets bear in mind why the D610 exists in the first place, and that is due to the fact that the D600 is so badly flawed that they basically had to re-introduce the camera. And the only difference between the two is that the glaring flaws on the original have been (hopefully) addressed in the “new” one. It’s not like going from the D600 to the D600 Mk II where getting the older model at the great price might make sense. The D600’s issue was that it produced spots on the images that could get so bad that they were rendered useless. Unless you like spending hours and hours retouching, why would you want to buy a camera known to have such issues? And if it’s purely the thrill of saving a few bucks, at what point does one go from penny wise to pound foolish?

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    • M. Saville

      Steve, keep in mind that if a camera is “so badly flawed”, it gets serviced / repaired under warranty for free, often for life. I remember once I had a Nikon D70 that was WAYYYY out of warranty, and it got the notorious “BGLOD” error. Sure enough, Nikon fixed it for free!

      Of course if you’re a working professional it wouldn’t be wise to rely on a prone-to-failure camera, but if all you’re talking about is grease on the sensor I think that is not too big of a deal, and it has been proven to be significantly diminished after a few thousand clicks. I know there may be other issues with the camera, but my point is that if the D610 contains only marginal upgrades from the D600, that still makes the D600 an incredible bargain if it can work well for a certain type of photographer. Landscape / nature photographers in general should be jumping all over this bad boy!


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    • JT

      “… so badly flawed”? A bit of an overstatement, in my opinion. I have a D600 and yes, after about 400 captures it was dirty. I sent in to NPS in Jan. ’13 and it came back ‘flawless’ and I’ve not had any issues since. I am curious to know if you have one or have ever used one? It’s a pretty darn good camera.

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  5. nick

    D610 announcement might actually boost D600 sales (new/used/refurb). Who’d have thunk?

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  6. Matt

    I have actually been tossing around the idea of grabbing a D600. This may just get the price of a used right down to a better deal for me! Bring on the D610! It will help me, for sure!

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    • Michael Chiricosta

      Matt I’ve been thinking the same thing, now I might hold off until the 610 is announced and see how the price is affected on the D600

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