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Rumor: Full Frame Sony NEX Coming Next Month

By Anthony Thurston on September 16th 2013


According to the latest rumors as published by Photo Rumors we can finally expect (well, as much as you can expect anything based on a rumor) to see an announcement for the long rumored full frame Sony NEX mirrorless camera. The rumors about this camera have been around for quite a while but only recently has anything with any reliability been heard.

So why is this a big deal? This is more than a big deal, this is a HUGE deal for the mirrorless camera market. If this full frame Sony NEX is announced next month then it will be the first modern full frame mirrorless camera since the Digital Leica M. So what all do we know about this new full frame Sony NEX?

According to Photo Rumors the following facts are “known” about this new – yet to be announced – full frame Sony NEX.

  • The full frame Sony mirrorless camera will be based on the Sony NEX-7, but it will be larger.
  • Two full frame mirrorless cameras will be announced: one in October, the other one few months later.
  • Expected full frame Zeiss FE lenses to be announced: 35mm f/2.8 (already leaked), 55mm f/1.8 and most likely a 85mm f/1.8.
  • The camera body will be priced around $3,000 and should be in stock before the end of the year.
  • The new full frame NEX will be on display during the PhotoPlus show in New York at the end of October.

So what are your thoughts on this rumor? Will we finally see a full frame NEX camera? What will this mean for the current mirrorless market which is dominated by micro 4/3rds and APS-C sized senors? Let us know your thoughts in a comment below. 

[via Photo Rumors]

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Q&A Discussions

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  1. vwk

    I went from APS-C DSLR to FF DSLR and experienced a big jump in image quality. But these are heavy cameras. Nice to have something a bit easier on my back. If the SONY FF is anything like the RX-1, it will be great. Their imaging sensor and processing electronics are industry leading. Carl Zeiss lenses are also great. I’ve got two I use with my DSLR. From all I hear, price points seem competitively set too.

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  2. shamb

    The great thing about Sony NEX is that the distance between the lens and sensor is so small that any lens will fit with the right (glassless) adapter. There is also talk of Sony developing a focusing system where the sensor moves rather than the lens (so you put the lens close to focus manually, and the sensor takes up the slack to get you sharp – so it will even work with manual only lenses).

    If both full frame and sensor focusing come to pass (plus phase based focusing controller rather than contrast), then such a camera will work well with any lens.

    Not sure the first FF NEX will have all that in the first release, but the most interesting rumors seem to be coming from Sony atm.

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  3. Jacob delaRosa

    Is it just me or does anyone else not relish the idea of looking through an EVF rather than an OVF? I already stare at my computer screen enough already lol.

    | |
    • Duskrider

      EVF’s suck! I’m with you.

      I also think the price matters a lot. If it costs the same as a full-frame DSLR, then the weight savings isn’t worth the price of changing all of my bodies and lenses out for this. This is the same point you get to with buying any line of camera… your investment in the entire ecosystem gets to be quite large, so change has to be for a very good reason. If it’s cheap enough, then no biggie.

      I think some photographers will have plenty of motive to change, based on the genre they are shooting, such as weddings where you lug so much gear around. With most genres I don’t think the weight of the body is that much of a factor. Sports photographers have 15lb lenses, so 1/2 a pound on the body won’t matter much. Studio photographers, nada. Photojournalists, big time. Scenic photographers, depends.

      In my world, I could definitely see getting one of these with a good pancake lens as a walking around camera, although the power compacts on the market right now are already pretty fantastic.

      Where I see this having the most impact is on the price of full-frame DSLR’s down the road. At some point, they will jump into the prosumer pricing space. That will be good.

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  4. Hector

    Do you know if any of the actual NEX or this upcoming NEX really beats the Alpha 99? I’m a Sony user and my next purchase will be the Alpha 99 but with all this Mirrorless camera bomb I rally don’t know what is more convenient. Thank you very much.

    Best Regards.

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    • Mike

      Uhm a7r and the a7already beat the alpha 99

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  5. Jesse James Photography

    I sure hope the rumor is true! I have a bad back and carrying around 2 full frame DSLR’s at weddings can get pretty uncomfortable after a few hours.
    I bought the fuji XE1 and love it! It’s not quite there yet to take the place of my DSLR’s, but its getting there. I think full frame and improved autofocus would go a long way in getting me, and others to convert

    | |
  6. Michael Chiricosta

    This should be interesting in the coming years to see what these mirrorless cameras are capable of, and how much hold they will have in the professional market. Im excited to see for sure

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