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My Samsung/Nikon Suspicions Confirmed


Yesterday, I referenced a new rumor regarding Samsung’s camera business that was said to affect Nikon and Sony. I gave my guess/opinion that it might have something to do with Nikon buying Samsung’s camera business. Well, it seems as if that was correct.

According to the latest report this morning out of Mirrorless Rumors, the big rumor bomb they teased was, in fact, that Nikon has purchased all of Samsung’s NX technology; including sensor technology, video technology, and processing technology. But the other big piece to this is that Nikon will enter into a sensor partnership with Samsung.

If this turns out to be true, it is really significant for several reasons. First, it removes Nikon’s reliance on Sony for sensors (and means they no longer have to wait for Sony to release cameras with those sensors first). Second, it shows Nikon is serious about rethinking their mirrorless strategy and launching a professional mirrorless line.

This acquisition is supposedly the reason why Samsung has started shuttering its camera business around the world because the sale has already happened. If it will be made public is not known, but the rumors say that a big announcement is expected from Samsung at CES in January, and this would very well fall into that category.

Time will tell. But if this is true, this is huge news for the camera world, and the mirrorless world specifically.

GoPro Hero 4 Session Review

Despite the dispute between Polaroid and GoPro over the design of the Hero 4 Session, there is no denying that it is and will be a huge gift item this year during the holiday season.

Today, we have a great review on the Session from MKBHD over on YouTube. Marques goes into some good points about the Session, its features, and video quality. If you have been thinking about picking one of these up, or buying one as a gift for a friend or family member, then check out the review below.

Lumu Power – Mobile Light Meter

The team behind the Lumu Mobile Light Meter is back with another Kickstarter, this time called the Lumu Power. Lumu Power a light, exposure, flash and color temperature meter for the iPhone.


Needless to say, this could be a very useful device for photographers and videographers looking to match lighting, exposure, and other important elements to a scene. Below you can find a complete listing of the tech specs:

– Measuring range: EV -4 to 20 at ISO 100
– Accuracy: +/- 0.1 EV
– Light receptor: fast-response Silicon photo diode, CIE spectral luminous efficiency
– Hemispherical Diffuser, Cardioid-type responses

Color (Temperature)
– Light receptor: True Color Sensor, CIE 1931 Color standard Human eye perception
– Sensitivity: Visible light
– Dynamic range: 1:1,000,000
– Accuracy: < 0.6 deltaE, Repeatability: < 0.2 deltaE
– Flat Diffuser, Cosine-type response

– Measuring range: 0.15 – 250,000 lux
– Accuracy: +/- 3%
– Flat Diffuser, Cosine-type response

– Power source: iOS device
– Materials: Housing: Stainless Steel, Diffusers: Polycarbonate Lexan
– Compatibility: iOS devices using Lightning Connector, running iOS 8+

Assuming the project is funded, and things go according to plan, the team over at Lumu hope to have these new Lumu Power units shipping come July of 2016. If you would like to get more information about the Lumu Power, you can check out their page over on Kickstarter here.

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