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Rooftopping: For the Photographers Not Afraid of Falling to Their Deaths

By Joseph Cha on November 8th 2013

Street to Rooftop Photography

Taking photos on the street is what most photographers do, but one photographer decided to do something different. Tom Ryaboi decided to take things to the next level, which happens to be 60 stories high.

“Sitting on a roof of a skyscraper in the core of the city, everything slows down, the sounds from the busy streets are muted and the speeding cars and people below become small and inconsequential. What becomes prominent is the sheer beauty of the city, the rising columns from the ground to the sky, the bridges and highways and the rest of the infrastructure that pulls it all together.” – Tom Ryaboi on Mymodernmet

In his series called “Rooftopping” Tom Ryaboi scales sky scrapers to capture images from a height that would make even Jackie Chan nervous. Check out some of the images he captures below, and if you’re afraid of heights like I am, you may want to hold onto something.

[Rewind: Adventure Photography – Adrenaline Junkie]












Rooftop Timelapse in Toronto

Tom Ryaboi also created this amazing timelapse on his Rooftopping adventures. It’s a beautiful perspective on the skyline of Toronto in the sky!


So when are you going to step out of your comfort zone? Are you adventurous enough to climb towers? Let us know in the comments!

[Source: Designtaxi]


I’m a photographer and cinematographer based in Southern California. When I don’t have a camera in my face I enjoy going to the movies and dissecting the story telling and visual aesthetics.

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  2. Michael Hoskins

    Yeah the stills left me with that edgy feeling, But good for you if you can handle it. By the way I really enjoyed the movie “City Rising” Titles were(are) creative and the time lapse extremely well done. Having only been to TO once But I feel you’ve captured it well

    | |
  3. Michael Tobin

    Well if we can’t take senior portraits on rail road tracks anymore this might be the new great thing. Senior portraits on the edge of a high rise, how cool is that?

    | |
  4. Diana

    Don’t do that, it’s extremely stupid. You can die… and possibly end up on… Do you want that to happen to you? Didn’t think so…

    | |
  5. James

    Amazing results but there isn’t enough money in the world to get me on the edge of a building like that.

    | |
  6. nick


    | |
  7. Nick

    You failed to mention what city

    | |
  8. tanya

    Oy, these mage me sick to my stomach…

    | |
  9. Anthony Thurston

    You could not pay me to do this… no way. lol

    | |
  10. Justin Lin

    Kids don’t try this at home!!!

    | |