It shouldn’t be a secret, but if you didn’t know, the key to a good video is good audio – be it music or speech. The problem that many of us face is having a way to capture that great audio. One such option has been the Rode SmartLav, and today, Rode announced a new broadcast quality upgrade to that, the Rode SmartLav+.


While the original SmartLav was, and still is, a great option, the new SmartLav+ takes it to a whole new level with a higher quality capsule, which offers more detail and a lower noise floor.

What makes the SmartLav and the SmartLav+ such a great choice, is that they allow you to turn your iPhone into a fully functional field recorder so you are able to capture high quality audio from anywhere, with just your phone. The new SmartLav+ even comes with a kevlar reinforced cable so that you can use it with confidence, knowing it will not snap or break on you under normal usage conditions.

While this is designed for use with an iPhone, you can buy an adapter to make it compatible with normal field recorders like the Zoom H4n, or Tascam DR-05. The new SmartLav+ pricing is great as well, coming in at only $79. Units should begin shipping soon, you can order your SmartLav+ from B&H here.


What are you thoughts on this new SmartLav+? What do you currently use for your audio capture? Leave a comment below!

[via News Shooter, video via Rode Vimeo Page]