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REVIEW! Tony Northrup’s – Stunning Digital Photography ¦ Wednesdays with Leo

By Leo Hoang on February 6th 2013

Northrup Review 2


I stumbled across Tony Northrup’s YouTube Channel early last year and immediately subscribed to his channel after watching one of his videos.

Through these videos, I discovered that he has also written a book titled, How to Create: Stunning Digital Photography.

The book caught my attention as he does offer excellent free tutorials on YouTube, so I wanted to see what else was on offer within the book.

Basic Information

Title: Tony Northrup’s DSLR Book: How to Create Stunning Digital Photography
Number of Pages: 250
eBook: $9.98/£4.99
Paperback: $24.99/£14.99
Puchase from: Amazon


When you first get into photography, you set yourself on a long path ahead as there are various types of photography available to you. The beauty of this book is that it gives you an insight of all the popular forms of Photography. Within this one book, Tony Northrup not only helps you through the basics of taking a photo; such as exposure and composition, he also explores the various types of photography out there; such as landscapes, nature and macro.

photo (1)

Those are only a few topics to name that feature within this book.

Table of Contents

1. Quick Tips
2. Composition
3. Lighting
4. Controlling Your Camera
5. Problem Solving
6. Portraits
7. Weddings
8. Animals
9. Landscapes
10. Night Photography
11. HDR
12. Macro
13. Underwater


The book comes in an eBook and Paperback format. The eBook is currently priced at $9.98, and the Paperback is priced a little more at $24.99.

For obvious reasons, the price increase is due to the cost to produce the book; however it’s important to know that you are still entitled to an eBook download with the paperback purchase.

For all the visual and auditory learners, they also include videos to go along with the written information within each chapter. This is true for both paperback and eBook.

With the power of new technology, it is now possible to embed videos into the eBook. I found this a fantastic way of visually reviewing what I had just read, as it is a lot easier to make sense of something once you see what is being described to you.

The videos are also available to you if you have the paperback version with the use of QR codes and URL’s.


• 3hrs of Video – As mentioned before, the eBook and paperback version both include access to 3hrs worth of video footage which compliments the written content to help readers visualize scenarios.

• Support – Purchasing this book also gives you access to Tony Northrups photography groups where he, and his co-author Chelsea, provide further support and advice along with other photographers within the community

• Free eBook Updates – The eBook occasionally updates with new information, and these updates are free. So you won’t be seeing a vol.2 to this book anytime soon, as the information would just be updated via eBook.


I had the opportunity to review both the eBook and paperback versions of the book, and even though I am a man of the digital age, I somewhat preferred the paperback version. The layout was much more intuitive as any images that were being discussed within the paperback book was also laid out in front of you on the same page, whereas the eBook you would have thumbnails to hit on the left which would open up a slideshow to review the images.

However, on the other hand, at times I preferred the eBook as it was easier to reference the videos that were embedded with a simple press of a button, rather than being using a smart phone or laptop to review the videos.

With the vast amounts of information and various types of photography out in this world, it would be impossible to cover all the topics within one book. However, Tony has managed to cover a large number of topics already and the book is still being updated with new information.

Tony covers topics such as Weddings, HDR, and Macro, and by reading this book; you will not become an expert in these fields. There are workshops and other materials out there dedicated to these topics. However, the information provided definitely gives you a head start as Tony does explain things in an non-intimidating manner which makes the information a lot easier to digest.

At the price this book is being sold for against the amount of knowledge that is shared within it across a large number of topics, you cannot argue this book is beneficial to someone just starting out in photography.


As briefly mentioned earlier, the eBook was a little less intuitive to navigate through.

When you’re scrolling through the eBook, you might hit a point where the paragraph asks you to reference a gallery, and then you may have to scroll back up to find the gallery.

As an example, I have taken a screenshot for “Figure 2-3”.


However, if the iPad is rotated, the layout becomes much more like the paperback book and very intuitive.

photo (2)


I started my photography life just under 2yrs ago now, and I have picked up new information and new techniques throughout various chapters of this book!

If you choose to purchase this book, and you can’t decide between the paperback and eBook, I unfortunately cannot help you in this decision. All I can say is that I had the opportunity to review both paperback and eBook, and I preferred reading the paperback due to its layout, however I found myself picking up my iPad and reading on my iPhone more as I am constantly on the go.

The book was a great read, with valuable information inside, all nicely organised and presented too you in a very easy to digest way from beginning to end and I would highly recommend this book to anyone just starting out in photography. Purchase Here!


Leo Hoang is a professional photographer based in London who shoots Weddings, Events and Real-Estate.


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  1. Rick Whelberg

    Thanks for this nice article. This provides a lot of information regarding digital photography. Digital photography is really very necessary these days in various industry and particular in entertainment. Smart phones are also available with digital camera nowadays making things more valuable for us.

    | |
  2. Ivan

    Is the book pdf file? or Can we read on android as I don’t have ipad?

    | |
  3. Richard

    I 1st stumbled across Tony’s vids on youtube and found them to be very insightful and easy to understand tips.

    I’ve just ordered his paperback and can’t wait!

    | |
  4. Mike Chase

    Definitely going to buy and read this book soon. I love his presentation skills and how he explain everything in great depth. Meanwhile, I’ve been reading this amazing free report, you can check it out here if you like:

    | |
  5. Evansleo

    Got this book from Amazon week and looking forward to start reading it soon as I am done with my current one.

    Thanks for writing it Tony, and for the review Leo

    | |
    • Leo Hoang

      Glad to hear you picked up the book! Hope you enjoy it… please do post your comments your thoughts on this article :) Would love to hear how you got on… 

      | |
  6. Yeah Buddy!

    Just got started with photography and got this book the day after because of an outdoor portrait video done by Tony and Chelsea. Very insightful and I am learning a lot.

    | |
    • Leo Hoang

      It was Tony’s Light Painting Video that got me intrigued! He definitely explains things very well… 

      | |
  7. Philipp Boulanov

    Thanks for the review! I’ve been eyeing that book for some time now, I feel like most of it wouldn’t be useful; but I love his videos and I really like the way he goes on with explaining everything. 
    Having all these extra things included with the paperback version is great and I will most likely pick it up soon!

    | |
    • Leo Hoang

      You’d be surprised! I thought a lot of it wouldn’t be useful as I have a fair bit of experience shooting, but I picked up a lot of information, and the stuff I already knew, it was still enjoyable to read/watch… but definitely the extra things are a great bonus! If you do choose to pick it up, I hope you enjoy… and please do post your thoughts here… would love to hear your thoughts. 

      | |
  8. Tony Northrup

    Thanks for the review! Sorry about the layout problem in the vertical orientation on the iPad (it doesn’t affect other ebook formats, such as Kindle). I see Chelsea is already fixing that and we’ll have the updated version out shortly. Naturally, everyone will get the update for free when it’s available.

    Re: choosing between the ebook and paperback version, if you’re unsure, get the paperback, because it includes the ebook for free. Even if you’re not an ebook person, we find people like to keep a copy on their smartphone so they can refer to it when they’re out in the field.

    | |
    • Leo Hoang

      Great advice… I started utilizing the iPhone version a bit later after I had read most of the book on the iPad/Book. But definitely have been referring a lot more to the iPhone as of late. Once again, loving the book! Thanks Tony… 

      | |