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Retouching Workflow for Portrait, Fashion and Beauty with Photoshop & Capture One

By Kishore Sawh on June 8th 2017

If you’ve been following photography evolution over the past 5 years you’ve been around long enough to see Lightroom become the standard operating post-processing software, even if Photoshop is the ubiquitous name worldwide. You’ve also been around long enough to gather that in professional studios it’s typically not Lightroom you’ll see, but Capture One Pro. But for many, COP has been left alone, often considered the reserve of the elite; something some of its users were likely to perpetrate. That was a shame, but that’s changing.

If you’ve paid attention over the past year you’ll have noticed that Capture One is gaining more mainstream popularity and I only see that continuing, and there are many reasons we can attribute for it. For one, COP renders images better than anything else out there – that much is hard to argue against. Furthermore, it’s the best tool for tethered capture, and it’s much faster than Lightroom, with much more powerful color grading tools.


But even if you’d recognized that, deemed it desirable and thought of getting it many don’t because everyone is so familiar with Adobe’s layout and the workflow between the software, and sometimes learning something new seems arduous. However, not only is Capture One not difficult to learn and worth the effort, recent updates make it work in many ways better with Photoshop than even Lightroom can. The video herein is a tutorial by photographer Michael Woloszynowicz of Vibrant Shot, and is a stellar introduction to learning Capture One, and to see how to set up a COP workflow when retouching something like a portrait.

Michael is, among other things, a very accomplished photographer and retoucher having been featured in broad spectrum of international fashion and photography publications and syndicated TV shows including Maxim Mexico, Maxim Columbia, Maxim India, Maxim Indonesia, Factice, Point Seven Mach, and many others. Michael is also a fastidious educator who has a penchant for showing you how to do things the right way. He is also, in my opinion, one of the best color graders around.

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The tutorial here will take you through various tools in COP and how he implements them, and giving little tips along the way before pulling into Photoshop and doing his thing there. It’s about 30 min long, so it’s not a soundbite, but I highly recommend this as a primer if you want to use Capture One – totally worth your time.

You can find more from Michael on his site, Behance, Instagram, and of course, YouTube.

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