More news out of NAB 2013 is that Redrock Micro has announced a new product called the One Man Crew. The OMC (One Man Crew) is a new motorized Parabolic slider designed to be setup and then left to do it business. It should be great for filmmakers who do lots of interviews or product videos.

The slider is setup on an arch, and is laser guided so that the subject always remains in the center of the frame while the camera pans around them. The track is 36” long, but shorter pans can be setup as well.




“The One Man Crew is the perfect addition for small crews doing corporate or documentary interviews that require fast setups and great images. One Man Crew can be used with a single camera for a high-end production feel, or on a second camera for cutting between shots with additional footage. One Man Crew’s smooth, controlled, repeatable motion is also great for product and tabletop photography and adds that extra sparkle.”

The One Man Crew is available today on the Redrock Micro website for pre-order at a price of $1495. See it in action with this great announcement video below.