We recently posted about Yongnuo’s new YN520 speedlight, you know – the one that accepts both Canon and Nikon TTL wirelessly, but no TTL via the hotshoe. Yongnuo has been quick to get the new unit on virtual shelves though and we are able to announce that this new strobist centric speedlight is now available.


You can order your own YN510EX via Amazon for only $89.99, a great deal for a wireless TTL slave unit.

This unit is going to appeal to users of Canon or Nikon’s wireless flash systems. These YN510EX speedlights offer wireless TTL capability for a low price, making these great slave units for your system. I can see these being especially useful in situations where you may not want to risk your more expensive speedliights. Simply grab several of these and if something happens it is much better to be out $90 than $300+.

For more information regarding the YN510EX speedlights you can check out our previous article, or if you feel like trying to decipher a bad Chinese to English translation you can try the official product page provided by Yongnuo. If you are interested in picking a few of these up you can YN510EX via Amazon for only $89.99, or Ebay.