As the year comes to a close, you might notice your fellow peers posting a “Best of 2012” blog post.  These are almost like portfolio showcases but with links to the full wedding blog posts; and they’re a fantastic way to catch your reader’s attention.

Reasons for posting a “Best of” blog post:

  1. December is the most popular month of wedding proposals according to multiple sources (the Knot and Robbins Brothers to name a couple).  If you are a wedding photographer, many brides immediately begin their search for vendors, so having a set of your best images in a convenient location will help distinguish your work.
  2. It brings your best work over the year (that may have been forgotten or buried down to page 10) to the top of your blog. This reminds past clients of your awesome work and introduces new potential clients to your best work.

Additional marketing tips:

  • Post around end of December (after Christmas) to early January to target the new potential clients.
  • Facebook or email the link to your client who is featured in your post. They will be happy to share it with their friends, which often includes newly engaged friends!
  • If you can, throughout a series of posts, highlight every wedding client you photographed over the year. This makes each of your clients feel special and encourages all of your clients to share the links.
  • If you’ve shot too many or you don’t want to highlight all, consider basing it on statistics and compiling the list based on the highest rated posts (based on Google Analytics or any other stats you keep).
  • Name each couple and each location to personalize it and give future brides location ideas.
  • Don’t forget a direct link to the full blog post.  If it speaks to a bride, she might click even more and really dig into your site.
  • Don’t be afraid to show off concept shoots too!
  • Leave it up a little longer than you would with most posts.  If you blog daily, don’t be afraid to be on vacation and let it stay up for a few more days or even a week.

You can see the one I did last year for 2011 here which I also included a maternity session since I also photograph them.  Look for my Best of 2012 post at the end of December.