Sony Japan has recently announced that it’s RX10 IV Superzoom Camera will get a firmware update soon that’ll add & incorporate the new, and amazing Real Time Animal Eye-Autofocus! The update will apply the AF Tracking for animals to still images, and improve the already present Eye-AF by enhancing its general stability and performance.

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From the translated press release, we can confirm the updates to Real-time pupil af support for animals (still images only), improvement in AF operability via half-pressing the shutter release, and overall improved stability. Additionally we have a very loose timeline of “2019” for the release of this update. What does that mean? Well it could come this week? or it may not come till News Years Eve! Additionally it makes us wonder if we’ll start seeing these updates popping up for other, older Sony model cameras?   I guess we’ll just have to wait and see for now.

In the meantime, have you shot on the RX10 Mark IV? How has the Autofocus worked for you so far? If you have or have used this camera we’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below on this and the upcoming firmware update once it’s released.

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