As photographers you’re apt to use RAW files and PSD files more often than the average bear. Strangely, in a sense, and annoyingly, working with those file types outside of the parameters of specific software can be a chore, as is the case working with them in web browsers. I say ‘working’ in the loosest of fashions, as what I’m referring to is simply viewing them, which is an action that would require clicking on the file and then being prompted to open it another application.

Now though, FilePreviews.Io is offering a simple, if not elegant, solution. As an extension for Google Chrome, the offering allows for faster previewing and less fuss to deal with the filetypes that are generally fussy to deal with online, by allowing you to simply right click, ‘Preview From Link,’ and stay in browser. (See video at foot)



Currently the extension has its limitations, and they are quite hindering; it only deals with files 10MB and lower, and according to The Phoblographer, doesn’t work seamlessly with Dropbox. Seeing as though most RAW or PSD files are larger than 10MB, and that having smooth utility with Dropbox is great for photographers, we’d assume that this first offering will be updated rather soon, and we may have a highly prized extension on our hands.

Source: The Phoblographer