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RagLite: The Ultimate Lighting Solution You Haven’t Heard Of Yet

By Joseph Cha on May 23rd 2014

The Raglite

raglite cine

The RagLite claims to be the future of lighting, and after watching their video, that claim may be valid. It’s flexible, lightweight, virtually indestructible, and customizable. For the photographers and cinematographers who are ambitious with their compositions and critical about their lighting, the RagLite may be a solution to unanswered lighting problems.

The RagLite is a super flexible piece of fabric with LED light strips mounted on it. It’s tough, waterproof and lightweight.


Watch The RagLite Video

Key Features

  • 3200K Tungsten & 5600K Daylite Banks
  • Optional RGB Banks for on-set color correction
  • 0%-100% Flicker-free dimming
  • Attachable D-Rings
  • Attachable Magnets for Gels or Diffusion
  • Flexible & Waterproof Materials
  • Torch Mode for a 360 Degree Light Source

The RagLite is customizable in size and function, and the prices range from 75$ to $2,400 depending on what build you want. This product is on Kickstarter and if you’re interested you should definitely consider investing.

[Source: Gizmodo]

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I’m a photographer and cinematographer based in Southern California. When I don’t have a camera in my face I enjoy going to the movies and dissecting the story telling and visual aesthetics.

Q&A Discussions

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  1. ken

    How can this even remotely be bright enough unless you’re in a pitch black room?
    What ISO/f-stop was the promo video shot at?

    | |
  2. Philip

    Andy and Nancy –
    The power source is either battery or 120V outlet.

    The output for the lights vary depending on what you are looking at. The CRI of the Mini and Rugged versions is 70… this is because the waterproof coating compromises the organizational distribution pattern of the lightwaves and therefore won’t accurately reproduce colored wavelengths on other objects as well.

    The CRI of the Cinema versions is 95. Daylite, Tungsten and Hybrid. All 95.

    | |
  3. Andy

    Looks good – but what power source does it run on. ie what batteries / battery packs is it / will it be compatible with?

    | |
  4. Nancy

    seems pretty cool, wonder how powerful they are.
    I like the nerdy guys red wine stain on his shirt

    | |
  5. Shelby

    Where can I get one?

    | |