As an admittedly unfashionable person, my reaction to runway trends tends to be one of utter confusion or good-natured amusement. Fashion photography on the other hand, whether I understand its roots or not, can be a wealth of inspiration and creative candy! Tejal Patni’s latest collection of work for Splash Fashion’s 2014 calendar, titled “In Love with Fashion,” plays with raging colors and contrasts, and creates  a mind-bending world of some of the most time tested fashionable fabrics: lace, leather, plaid, and denim (among other things).


Patni was commissioned by the UAE based retailer, Splash Fashion, to create an artistic expression to represent the popular brand. This is their 4th annual calendar. “Expression of style and emotion for fashion has driven multitudes of consumers to Splash and it was this thought that inspired the theme ‘Splash In Love with Fashion’ for the 2014 Splash Calendar. The calendar is a beautiful summation of fabrics and design aesthetics, styles and silhouettes which have been constant in the brand’s 20 year journey.” said Raza Beig, CEO of Splash.

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Fashion-calender-Tejal-Patni-2The imaginative wardrobe, patterned and textured sets bring a visual eye candy and a “Splash” of color and drama that makes each frame a dizzying display of art colliding with fashion. Check out the rest of the year:Fashion-calender-Tejal-Patni-3 Fashion-calender-Tejal-Patni-4 Fashion-calender-Tejal-Patni-5 Fashion-calender-Tejal-Patni-7 Fashion-calender-Tejal-Patni-8 Fashion-calender-Tejal-Patni-9 Fashion-calender-Tejal-Patni-10 Fashion-calender-Tejal-Patni-11 Fashion-calender-Tejal-Patni-12For some, a thin line exists between loving and hating out-of-the-box work like this. But while I’ll admit, though I am not “in love with fashion,” I certainly respect the vision the creative team had to pull this collection together. The inspiration the images were crafted to provoke is anything but subtle, and the trends that they imply are hopefully exaggerated… what do you think?

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Fashion-calender-Tejal-Patni-13Client: Splash Fashions/Raza Beig CEO
Concept/Photography: Tejal Patni
Wardrobe/Styling: Furne Oné @ Amato
Production Designer: Andrew Del Rosario
Assistant Prop Stylist: Randy Del Rosario
Hair & Make up: Katherina Sherman & Toni Malt
Photography Assistants: Amila Sushanta/Randy Del Rosario/Don Samira
Digital Retouching: 100berlin Creative Retouching

To see more of Tejal Patni’s work, check out his website. To see more of Splash’s fashions, and perhaps get your own calendar, like them on Facebook.

CREDITS: All photographs shared by Tejal Patni are copyrighted and have been used with permission for SLR Lounge. Do not copy, modify or re-post this article or images without express permission from SLR Lounge and the artist.

[Via @one8one/Behance]