Are you in the market for some high quality radio triggers for your photographer shoots? RadioPopper has a long history of being a popular and battle tested brand and now they have a new trigger on the market: The Nano.


The Nano comes in a transmitter/receiver pack, and boasts a range of 1,750 feet! That is pretty impressive, though I can’t think of a situation where I personally would ever need that kind of range. The Nano also comes with 4 channel options to keep multiple photographers from getting their gear mixed up while shooting. The Nano is also completely compatible with all other RadioPopper Products. Check out this great introduction video put together by RadioPopper:

RadioPopper Nano Introduction from RadioPopper on Vimeo.

I think it is pretty neat that these can fire off two speedlights with one receiver, and that they come with everything you need to get started right out of the box. I would be very curious to see how these stack up in performance to the PocketWizard PlusX and the Yongnuo 622’s.

RadioPopper Nano Specs

  • ​Reliable Basic Triggering

  • Extremely Easy Setup

  • Receiver Built-in Hotshoe and Sync Port

  • Touch sensitive buttons

  • Range of up to 1,750 feet

  • 4 radio channels

  • Battery Level Indicator

  • Smart Battery Saving Features

  • Compatible with RP PX and JrX

  • Made in the USA

radiopopper-1 radiopopper-3

These new RadioPoppers are not terribly expensive either, coming in at only $69.95. Though you do have to buy the transmitters and receivers separately, making the whole package actually about $140 to get started, or $210 if you want to control two separate wireless groups. While that is not ideal, it is also not that bad considering that RadioPopper’s rock-solid reliability approaches / matches that of the first industry standard, PocketWizard…  :-)

You can learn more about the RadioPopper Nano from their product page and you can purchase your own RadioPopper Nano’s from B&H.