If you recall from our recent review of the RadioPopper JrX system here at SLR Lounge, we believe that this system is one of the most functional and affordable (yet robust and reliable) wireless flash systems on the market!

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It doesn’t offer the bells and whistles of the latest TTL / HSS wireless systems; that’s what the more advanced RadioPopper PX system is for.  (Or any of the other, cheaper Chinese / Ebay etc. brands, if you’re willing to sacrifice a little quality in our opinion)

However for those of you (like myself) who don’t really need those fancy features but still wish to be able to control your flash power remotely in manual mode, the JrX system offers full manual control of wireless flashes, even for oldschool, affordable flash units such as the Nikon SB80DX!

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If you’re considering investing in either of the RadioPopper systems, they’re currently on sale at B&H for 15% off.  For JrX buyers, that puts a transmitter & receiver kit at just $144, spare receivers at just $85, and the RPCube at just $25.  I’ll certainly be adding a couple more receivers to my kit!

Click HERE to check out all of the deals for both JrX and PX systems.  (BTW the new Nano system is not on sale, unfortunately.)

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This sale on RadioPopper systems will go fast and end on August 31st, so don’t dawdle!

B&H Back To School Sale

Actually the RadioPoppers are just one of many items that are significantly discounted right now at B&H, there is a whole bonanza of “back to school savings” going on right now for hot items like memory cards, hard drives, and tripods.  (Three of my favorite accessory purchases to make!)

The Manfrotto 190 series, one of our favorites that was previously on sale for $144 until August 31st, has another similar version that is on sale for just $129!  (Click HERE.)

Another sweet deal that we noticed is the Lowepro Messenger bag, usually $174, on sale for just $99.  (Click HERE.) We like this particular bag because it is one of the most “incognito” bags on the market that makes you look literally like nothing more than a messenger.  Something about the muted, canvas look just says “nothing of value in here!”  …And yet the bag is spacious enough to contain a camera body with lens attached, and even a vertical grip attached!

Click HERE to view the entire B&H “back to school” sale.

Take care and happy clicking,  (Even if “clicking” is an internet shopping cart in this case!)