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Quirky Meerkats Use Wildlife Photographer as a Handy Lookout Post

By Michelle Bird on April 17th 2014


When UK based photographer Will Burrard-Lucas headed to Africa to shoot wildlife, he didn’t expect to be used as an accessory himself. His subject, a quirky meerkat family in the Makgadikgadi region in Botswanna, didn’t have any problems climbing atop Lucas and using him as a look-out post.


During Burrard-Lucas’ six day trip, the tiny mammals welcomed him to their territory, exploring the sturdiness of his head and camera while using it to their advantage. The three week old newborns played around a bit with their new jungle-gym, as the parents kept guard nearby.

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Meerkats are often easy-prey for larger predators such as jackals and falcons, therefore one member of the family always keeps a close eye over the horizon, and from the lookout, signals to his group if a viable threat is seen. If a threat is spotted, the meerkats gather and run to the nearest “bolt hole”– which is a “network of underground tunnels where they congregate in large groups called gangs or mobs.”

Catch a behind-the-scenes video of Will and the meerkats at the bottom of the post!






You can see more of Will Burrard-Lucas’ work on his Facebook, Instagram, or by following him on Twitter.

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[via] Burrard-Lucas Blog

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