One things most photographers will tell you about their experiences after we learn the basics of our cameras and start to move into working with people is that posing can be one of the trickiest and most challenging things to get the hang of. What works for women often doesn’t work for men and vice-versa. Thankfully Anita Sadowska has made this video loaded with tips to help us understand the right ways to pose men for your images.

Posing, especially depending on what type of photography you’re shooting, can be highly subjective. So knowing your goals ahead of time will help you keep focused during the shoot and avoid having any hiccups on set. “Guys have much more limited movements than girls I feel like” says Anita, so it’s important to have them pose a bit more relaxed and not super-stiff.

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Anita Sadowska - How To Pose Men-
Anita Sadowska – How To Pose Men – Mid Shoot Action Shot

Additionally, most photogs will tell you it’s also a good idea to setup a mood-board that matches what you’re looking to create, this way you can show the models exactly what you need from them to help make it less awkward and time consuming. (This is one of the first things I learned from shooting with Clay Cook back in the day. Mood boards are his jam!).That is of course unless you like performing as a living mirror haha. Using your own gallery hosting or an easily accessible site like Pinterest to create these mood-boards for all your shoots will help you get easy and quick access to reference materials while on set. Personally I usually keep a folder of these on my phone for quick access and I always share them with my team so everyone knows what we’re going for.

Anita Sadowska - How To Pose Men
Anita Sadowska – How To Pose Men – Team Photo

There’s a lot of tips to take in with this video but Anita makes it all look and sound super easy, so we hope you follow along and pick up a few ideas for your next shoot. Let us know what you think and if you have any additional tips or references for shooting male models in the comments below!

*Shared with Permission from Anita Sadowska

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