Our friends at Peak Design are expanding their lineup of functional, sleek, high-quality bags with their latest Kickstarter Campaign for their Travel Line Backpack.

Though we haven’t done a full review on this bag, initial impressions are that this 45L Travel Backpack is one of the most spacious backpacks that we’ve ever seen, and the versatile “Packing Tools” system of compartments and interchangeable pouches makes it one of the most versatile too.

Here are the main features per their Kickstarter Page:

A good balance between stylish and incognito, it doesn’t scream “contains expensive stuff!” … and yet neither does it look too plebeian.

Using the myriad of different gear-related inserts and general travel-related inserts, from clothes and toiletries and shoes, to big lenses/bodies and drones, traveling with just one (carry-on sized) backpack has never been easier to pack for.

Their Kickstarter ends in 7 days and you can back it here.