Small Action HD Cameras are a popular and fast growing niche market, which as we all know is dominated by a single brand – GoPro. Sure there are other brands, but nothing has quite caught on like the GoPro branded Hero cameras have. Pyle Audio just announced their own offering to the small HD action camera market – The Hi Speed Mini HD.


Taking one look at the specs I can tell you that it is not a GoPro Hero 3+ clone, or even a a wanna be. This new camera from Pyle sits in a nice spot, cheap enough that you can purchase several of them while still having features that make it worth purchasing. Here is a quick look at the relevant specs:

  • 12MP Still Camera
  • Video Recording: Choose Between 1080P, 720p or VGA
  • Video Resolutions up to 1920 x 1280 Pixels
  • Video Capture Frame Rates: Choose Between 120, 60 or 30 FPS
  • Micro SD Card Slot which supports up to 32GB cards
  • Battery: Lithium 1500mAh w/ 2hr+ Life
  • 2.4 inch Touch Screen Display
  • Wireless Remote Control

As you can see it has a pretty good feature set, not quite all the bells and whistles of the GoPro Hero 3+, but still a solid set of features. The price is what really makes this guy something you may want to consider. You can pick one of these up for between $100 and $150, meaning for the price of a single GoPro you could pick up 3 to 4 of these guys meaning you can get more footage from many different angles.

[rewind: GoPro Announces New Hero 3+]


Like I said though, it is all a matter of what your needs are. Even if you already have a GoPro, maybe pick up a few of these for back ups or as second/third cameras for interesting angles.If these have your attention and you think you would like to learn ore or pick one up and give it a go you can get all the details on Pyle’s website here.

What are your thoughts on this new action cam from Pyle? Do you think these could be a good alternative for people who may not need an expensive GoPro rig? Share your thoughts in a comment below.