Working Anywhere and Everywhere

Hard Drives are vital to any photographer who wants to work from home or on the go. I’m working everywhere, whether I’m at the studio, at home, or on “vacation” (sorry, honey!). No matter the situation or location, I have reliable hard drives that have become my favorite workhorses, and I want to share them with you!


Pye’s Favorite External Hard Drives

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Samsung Portable SSD T1 Series


These tiny Samsung Solid State Drives are as fast as they are slim. They boast a speed of 450 MB/s which is the fastest I’ve ever seen a USB 3.0 Drive. These drives have become a staple in my workflow because I can quickly transfer the data I need from my studio desktop and leave within seconds. If there was ever an ideal travel hard drive, then this is it. The price is worth the portability and performance, and because it’s a solid state drive, it’s more reliable than a hard disc drive.

G-Technology G-RAID Removable Dual-Drive Storage System


This hard drive is the work horse at the studio. I keep my entire perpetual catalogue on this drive, which as of now consists of over 10,000 images. If I’m working on a project and need to pull up an image, or if someone else in the studio needs to look through my catalogue, this is the drive they go to. The data transfer speeds with USB 3.0 are rated at 400 MB/s and with Thunderbolt, it’s 440 MB/s. This Hard Drive is fast, reliable, and sturdy. I’ve used this Hard Drive for over a year now, and it’s never given me a single problem. If you need a hard drive to work off of or to store images on, then the G-Technology G-RAID Removable Dual-Drive Storage System is the way to go.


So there you have it, my two favorite external drives. Do you have any questions about my workflow or the gear I use? Let me know in the comments!