In this video, I sit down with Lee to finally confront his long term battles with one of my favorite editing software: Adobe Lightroom. We’ve all seen the photography challenge videos that we’ve done in collaboration with Fstoppers and how terrible Lee’s edits have been in the past. It’s time we teach him a thing or two about using Lightroom using our new Visual Flow Development Tools that we made in partnership with DVLOP. In between all the trash-talking, you’ll actually pick up a few Lightroom editing tips and tricks that you can try out at home:

I’ve covered how to use our new lighting condition-based presets in some of our past YouTube tutorials but if you would like to see more let us know in the comments! Here are a couple of our favorites:

If you’re struggling with how to use Lightroom and need an A-Z course we’ve got just the thing for you – our Mastering Lightroom workshop is all you’ll need to learn Lightroom in and out.