In this freshly released episode of High ISO recorded during WPPI 2020, Rob Hall and Justin Haugen chat up our own educator and photographer Pye Jirsa. Just like the saying, “Good things come to those who wait,” in this episode, Pye talks development cycles, Canon’s foray into cloud uploads direct from camera, meeting people at WPPI, the classes, education & training, the book he just finished writing, and his disdain for fingerprints on his MacBook Pro!

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There’s a lot of great information and fun conversation in this hour-long podcast, so grab your headset and get ready for an inspiring episode with Pye Jirsa & High ISO. You can listen to the podcast linked below, or subscribe and listen to all the episodes on Spotify, Anchor, or Apple Podcasts. Be sure to let us know your thoughts and if you have any additional questions for the team in the comments below.