In this podcast by Seth & Beth filmed during WPPI 2020, our own Pye Jirsa, comes in to discuss his amazing studio, Lin & Jirsa, and his education endeavors with SLR Lounge, one of the world’s most complete photography education platforms. They also talk about being parents and Pye’s new hobby of Jiu-Jitsu.

But wait, there’s more! This episode from Seth & Beth wasn’t the only one filmed during WPPI 2020. On their trip to Las Vegas, they sat with 13 of the biggest names in the industry, (Photographers, Influencers, & Entrepreneurs), with various backgrounds and businesses in the wedding world. Over the course of these 13 episodes we learned their stories, learned how they overcame their struggles, and provided an uplifting source of inspiration for us…and for you!

Pye Jirsa on Seth Beth Epic Wedding Photography Podcast SLR Lounge

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Three years in a row, Seth and Beth traveled to Las Vegas to the WPPI conference and said they were going to take a year off. That was until Beth had a bright idea! “Let’s podcast in Vegas!”

For the next month, they reached out to a dozen other awesome people in the wedding industry with our fingers crossed that they would come on. Some of whom are incredible SLR Lounge Ambassadors!


The Interviews:

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