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PSA: Sony Users – Fotodiox’s FUSION Nikon to Sony Adapter Could Brick Your Camera

By Justin Heyes on December 9th 2016

Not long ago Fotodiox announced their FUSION Smart AF Adapter, an adapter that allowed for full electronic aperture control, EXIF data recording, high-speed autofocus, and powered VR stabilization with Nikon AF-I and AF-S on Sony mirrorless cameras. It was a true first. For $370, this seemed like dream to some photographers, but this dream is ending up a nightmare with at least two popular Youtube Vloggers reporting that their Sony cameras are now fried from using this adapter.


Back in November, photographer Jason Lanier published a video with an accompanying blog post saying that using the adapter on his Sony A6300 broke his camera. Lanier goes on to explain the adapter failed to live up to the hype, did not autofocus correctly and caused a huge battery drain on his Sony a7R II. When attaching the adapter to his A6300the unthinkable happened” and the camera refused to turn on again.

Eric Rossi published a recent video reporting that his new Sony a7 II has suffered a similar fate to Lanier’s A6300.

Fotodiox is aware of the issue and is investigating to figure out why the adapter is bricking cameras. They are speculating that issue arises from the combination of the Nikon AF-S VR Micro 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED and the Fotodiox Nikon to Sony E Mount FUSION adapter, as it is an “apparent link between the two incidents”.

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Fotodiox urges users to avoid using this combo until the investigations has finished. With the FUSION Smart AF Adapter looks to be a re-branded Commlite CM-ENF-E is safe to assume to avoid the combination with those adapters as well to avoid potentially bricking your camera.

If you already purchased a FUSION adapter for your Sony mirrorless camera, Fotodiox says that you’re “welcome to return it, no questions asked”.

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Justin Heyes wants to live in a world where we have near misses and absolute hits; great love and small disasters. Starting his career as a gaffer, he has done work for QVC and The Rachel Ray Show, but quickly fell in love with photography. When he’s not building arcade machines, you can find him at local flea markets or attending car shows.

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