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Proyecto Pyokko: Selfies From 9 Months of Pregnancy

By Anthony Thurston on October 10th 2013

Buenos Aires based photographer Sophie Starzenski accepted a challenge from a friend to take a selfie a month for the entirety of her pregnancy. Simple enough, many people have done similar project and the results are always fun for the people close to the mother. 

But this project by Sophie, which she has titled Proyecto Pyokko was particularly striking to me. I love that since she is a photographer she had the sense to have the scene remain the same, the lighting pretty consistent, and the overall image quality is great. It is a simple and powerful project that shows how human life comes to be from the earliest stages of pregnancy all the way to the baby on her hip. I also love the more artistic approach of hiding her face and breasts, which gives the series an anonymous feeling as if it could be any mother anywhere.

Check out the series below and let us know what you think about the project.


[via DIY Photography via Behance]

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Q&A Discussions

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  1. S

    Lots of grumpy people in the comments. I think the pics are great!

    | |
  2. Jason

    Other than her having a rocking body, i didn’t feel anything for this series. It’s a cool idea for Facebook or something but i do not see anything special about the “project”. pregnancy and childbirth are amazing but they aren’t unique or rare and these shots do nothing different than anyone else could do.
    Lots of people use consistent lighting and background when they do their selfies in front of their bathroom mirror whenever they feel hot.

    | |
  3. Tina

    There is literally nothing different between this and the selfies every pregnant woman takes, except she used a more expensive camera. Between this and the cash register receipt taped to a wall, it’s become quite clear that anything is art these days, as long as you say it is.

    | |
  4. Tony

    I’m sorry but I don’t see what so amazing about these, She stood in front of a door half nude and and took a snap shot!?

    | |
    • AndreDF

      Tony, what’s special about this is the duration with which she did the series. what was documented everybody is aware of and ya, basically it’s a snapshot. but it’s the decision to keep everything the same for each shot which was done presumably months in between that makes it a creation.

      | |
  5. keeny

    brilliant series .. the last photo just icing on the cake .
    consistent lighting, positioning & body shape makes this a gorgeous set.

    | |
    • John

      A hint of smile in the last image, nice touch.

      | |