This morning, Profoto announced 6 new small and lightweight Deep Parabolic Umbrellas to compliment the new line of umbrellas that they announced at the beginning of the year.


The largest of the newly announced umbrellas is the ‘Deep M’, which measures at 41 inches. The smallest of the newly announces umbrellas is the ‘Deep S’, which measures in at 33 inches. All of the umbrellas announced today have that deep parabolic shape that we love so much for directing light. 

Profoto Umbrella Deep M Test Shoot

Profoto Umbrella Deep Specs

  • Highly Reflective Silver Interior
  • Deep Shape Provides More Precise Control
  • 16 Fiberglass Rods for Rounder Shape
  • Heat-Resistant Materials
  • Surface Treated to Prevent Rust
  • Carrying Bag


In all, today’s addition of 6 new umbrellas brings Profoto’s total line up to 18 umbrellas for you to choose from. There was no availability information released today with the umbrellas, but you should expect to see them at major retailers like B&H in the near future.


What are your thoughts on the newly announced Umbrellas from Profoto? Do you see a need in your shooting style being met with these? Leave a comment below!