17 Sep 2019

Jorgelina Agramunt

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Hello! I'm originally from Mar del Plata, Argentina and spend half of the year in Philly, PA and half of the year in Playa Avellanas, Costa Rica with my family: Barney, my husband, Noah and Kaya, our kids... we have to leave Luna and Smokey at the beach, cause they can't stand the cold weather.....Who can??
I ditched my accounting carreer at seven tests away from the diploma to pursue Photography and also moved to Costa Rica. It was what it felt right at the time.
So here I am, thriving to become the best person and photographer I can, for myself, my family and my clients. Thanks!


  • Family
  • Maternity
  • Portrait
  • Sports
  • Pet
  • Wedding


  • Composite Photography
  • Digital Photography
  • DSLR Video
  • Natural Light Photography
  • Multiple exposure
  • Off-Camera Lighting
  • On-Camera Lighting
  • Adobe Bridge
  • Adobe Camera Raw
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Premier


  • Destination Photography
  • Lead Shooting
  • Lighting Assisting
  • Local Photography


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