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Amii & Andy Kauth

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Amii & Andy are a wife and husband team of rad portrait and wedding photographers (Sunshine & Reign Photography) who absolutely love life and are generally just stoked! Yeah! When they aren't photographing or writing and teaching about photography, you'll find them off on a seriously legit adventure with their little ones, lifting weights in their garage, training jiu-jitsu, refining their archery skills, or surfing every chance they get. And on the rare chance they escape off on a "date night"? Yep! They'll find a wedding to crash (true fact).

Website: Sunshine & Reign Photography
Instagram: @sunshineandreign


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  • Digital Photography
  • Album Design
  • Multiple exposure
  • Off-Camera Lighting
  • Prisming
  • Tilt Shifting
  • Adobe Lightroom


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