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Michael Henson is a St. Louis based photographer obsessed with everything creative. His photography interests span genres from still life to sports. When he’s not running around with his face to the camera or behind a keyboard writing, you can typically find a guitar in his hands or catch him out enjoying life with his family and friends.

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I am going to discuss just a few areas within your photo session process that you can examine to ensure you are working to provide your photography...
Gear & Apps
While the some may disagree, I feel that a prime lens is probably the most useful lens in my camera bag. Here's why.
Looking to save time or "level-up" your photo editing? Need a more efficient workflow? Learning how to use presets within Lightroom might be...
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Ball or pan head? I'm not talking about odd fish that taste okay but you won't know because the thing looks so weird. I'm discussing the best...
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Noise, noise, noise! Photography isn't unique. It's just an ever growing amphitheater filled with more and more voices from around the world...
Insights & Thoughts
Printed photographs have entered a state of declining interest. While I don't necessarily believe that the printed photo will ever disappear (at...
Insights & Thoughts
Ultimately, once you've posted your photos online, you've lost the ability to control them. This is a fact that anyone sharing data, information,...
Tips & Tricks
Are you ready to come back with more "keepers" from each photo session? Are you tired of weeding through tons of photos? Are you going to amazing...
Tips & Tricks
The desire to share our photos is an innate piece of being a photographer. However, in a social media driven industry, we must remember to put our...
Lighting Tips
Lighting is one of the most important pieces of the photographic puzzle that we fit together into a masterpiece that can be enjoyed by the world....