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Paul Monaghan is a self-taught photographer from Scotland and owner of a small photographic studio just outside of Glasgow, Scotland. Over the years photography has not only helped him document the life of his four kids, it's also lead him to work on some amazing projects, make friends all over the world and gives him the tools he needs to bring Ideas in his head to life. Visit his websitehere.





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Shooting Tips
This set of images really came to be due to my friend Aranel Cosplay. She has been working on a new project where she creates and models outfits...
Tips & Tricks
Are you starting out in studio photography and need to learn about how to use your speedlites and strobes? If so, this is product photography...
Lighting Tips
How You Shot It is a series where you show us how you shot an image. This image was shot in a foundry on a trip with my local camera club.
As expected, Sigma announced the newest version of the Quattro series with the dp1.
How We Shot It
This image is rather special to me, not only because the family loved it, but it also placed high in "The 1st SNS Exhibition" held by Samyang in...
Gear & Apps
The DP2 Quattro, like the rest of the DP series cameras, is not tailored to be for everyone’s needs. But it might be for you. Check out my...