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Brandon Perron is a wedding photographer, making a transition into a freelance automotive digital contributor/photographer, as well as setting up his own private gallery. In his words, he is an uber sarcastic gasoline loving gear head, lost amongst the hipster hyper Eco-friendly crowd of PDX and has a mouth that makes sailors blush. He likes to think of himself as a daily life commentator, where nothing is off limits to poke fun at.




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Child photographer, Shannon Sewell, gives some valuable insight in how she has been able to transition from shooting her own children into...
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Palette is a product that allows you to control many adjustments within Photoshop and Lightroom.
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You've likely heard about #WeddingPhotogate. Here's how to prevent it happening at a wedding you've been hired to photograph and what to do if it...
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Here's how to go beyond data backup of your client's images and protect the actual physical storage of the images.
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Many new photographers are making a very common post-processing mistake. This article shows you what it is and how to correct it.
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Most of you are familiar with the story of the photographer who was thrust into the media spotlight for trying to collect an amount of additional...
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I was having a discussion on Facebook a while ago, on the topic of the negative effects of “complaining” on social media pages for photography...
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Do you need to drop thousands of dollars on a top notch branding campaign. I don't think so and here's why.
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I live by the creed of “under-promising and over-delivering." To accomplish this, you must have a very firm grasp on how you are able to deliver...
Tips & Tricks
In my last article, I touched on the subject that I regularly carve out 3-5 hours on a wedding day for the couple and bridal party portraits....
Insights & Thoughts
Your clients have hired you to take pictures that are useable by them, they are not funding your art gallery display pieces.
Insights & Thoughts
Gear plays a key and pivotal role in the outcome of an overall image.